Monday, May 7, 2018

Intuition for Beginners at Santosha Holistic Center

Intuition for Beginners at Santosha Holistic Center |

A few weeks ago, my mom invited me to join her for a class at a nearby spiritual center I've been meaning to check out. I was mostly intrigued about finally paying a visit to Santosha, but the class sounded interesting, too.

I didn't know much about it since I'd been given the invitation second-hand, so I was curiously excited but had no idea what to expect. I didn't know how big of a class it would be, or that the class was being taught by a psychic medium. (Which was exciting to me once I found out - I find mediums fascinating!) When we arrived, I immediately liked the building - all filled with plants and crystals and happy thoughts.

It was cold that night, so I split a coffee with my mom and found comfy seat.

We started with a meditation, and while I usually get antsy in longer meditations, this one was really comfortable and productive. (I did still get antsy at the end...I felt myself needing to open my eyes about a minute before she told us to.) We visualized healing, protective light coming into our bodies through our heads, and then mingling with the energy of mother earth that we harnessed through our feet. It was a really invigorating idea - I got this visual of green light that I'd only gotten twice before (once while clearing my chakras in the salt cave, once while having reiki performed on me) and knew that I was going to be in an awesome frame of mind when we came out of it.

From there, we practiced some various techniques for acknowledging our intuition. I found this part pretty we worked through them I found myself thinking...."this is how my mind always works, where's the part where we get messages?" Ha! As you'll see, this was a revelation pretty soon.

Angie, the instructor, asked us to close our eyes to visualize an object. She said something about springtime as my eyes were fluttering closed, and as soon as they were shut, a vivid, bright daffodil came before my eyes. I was trying to focus on it while she was speaking, and suddenly she said, "now I want you to picture a daffodil." My eyes shot open in shock and was almost an alarming feeling. I could not believe she'd said that!

That was clue #1 that a realization was on its way.

After a few more practices she had us count off numbers in the group to help us break into pairs. I got number 5, which is one of my life numbers (long story, but I feel connected to 5's...all of my boys were born on a 5 (15, 15 + 25), and there are 5 of us in our family, etc etc.) and the person I ended up being paired with because of our number 5's was another Jenn! How interesting is that?

Once in pairs, we started practicing getting messages for each other in various ways. We exchanged many ideas with each other, all somewhat significant to each other, but this is the one that stands out the most to me. We were supposed to ask spirit for a complete message for each other, and I was having a hard time at first. I felt like I caught a glimmer of something (with my eyes closed) and tried to focus on it, and after a while I realized it was a slice of cake. As soon as I acknowledged it, the word "celebrate" slid into focus. As soon as I acknowledged that, a feeling of lightness and happiness moved in with something I've called my "messenger vibe" that urged me to tell her to embrace this thing to celebrate as a moment of lightness and happiness and to be present for it. (I'll tell you more about the messenger vibe in a second!)

I had no idea what it all meant or if I'd got it wrong, but it did strike me that as soon as I "guessed" correctly at each thing that moved into my mind, it would would continue into the next thought. I had to acknowledge each part of the message before I would get the next piece. That was an interesting revelation.

So I told my partner what I had gotten - and we were both a little shocked. Her son's 17th birthday was the next day! I could NOT believe that I'd gotten such a clear message that obviously meant something to her, and she was going through some life stuff that totally created the scenario where she needed something light and happy to celebrate. It was WILD!

After our partner practice, we came back into the group and went around the room coming up with songs that were messages for each other. The message for me had to do with meditating more, which was certainly fitting. We then did a quick closing meditation where we sent our healing energy into the world, and the night was over.

Every part of the evening felt good, happy, and inspiring. The place was calm and comforting, the people in attendance were kind and welcoming, and the experience was amazing.

As I was leaving, it kind of dawned on me that...I already knew how to do this. A psychic that I've seen a few times told me that spirit wants me to be more intuitive and faithful and stop reasoning everything away and trying to throw logic around. She impressed on me that honesty is more important than facts (which sounds like the same thing, but there's a subtle and important difference). Her message is one of the reasons I felt like I should take this class. But she'd also told me that I am a "different kind of normal"...and that I can walk into a room where someone notices something different or special and I don't necessarily think anything of it, because it's normal to me. At the time, I wasn't sure what she meant....and then I got it after this class.

Remember how I said my brain always works like this? I have been ignoring my intuition. It's always been there, in what I've just thought was my busy, crazy brain, in a way that has always felt normal to me. There have been many times in my life where I feel confused that people can't see things a certain way, or that they didn't already notice something when it just seems so obvious to me. Well now I know why!!

And that messenger vibe thing? Every now and then I will feel urged to tell someone something - and mean urged, like they must know. I'll be reading a book and can't even keep reading, the words all jumble up, because I have to stop and tell someone about this quote, or tell them to get this book, and once I do I can go on reading like normal. Or I'll be talking to someone, thinking through something, and suddenly a thought bubbles up and almost stops me in my tracks and I have to say whatever it is, even if it's outlandish, harsh, or off topic.

So this class helped me understand a lot, and I loved the building, the people, and the experience as well. I highly recommend giving a class at Santosha a chance if you are local to Buffalo!

I'm headed back for another class about a different topic soon, and I'll report back! :)

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