Monday, May 14, 2018

Hollie Stark Crystal Shop

I get a lot of questions about crystals - where to get them, which ones to start with, and what they actually do. I am not an expert and I'm still doing my own research on the topic, but I adore them!

I have so much to say about them, but I won't go into much detail here because I plan to write a post about their usefulness and how to get started with them very soon! For today, I'd like to share with you one of my favorite crystal shops that you can use to start your collection!

Hollie Stark Online Crystal Shop

The largest part of my crystal collection came from Hollie Stark's crystal shop. Browsing through her crystals and making note of their uses and benefits was so much fun! I made a big wish list right before Christmas and I was so excited that I ended up getting so many of them!

If you'd asked me even 5 years ago if I'd be thrilled with getting rocks and gems for Christmas I would have laughed pretty hardily ;) I was, though! It was maybe the most exciting gift of the year!

They ship in a cute little bag with some sage leaves (likely to keep them clear and happy on their journey) after Hollie herself infuses each crystal with loving Reiki energy.

A month or two after Christmas, I ordered some more crystals from Hollie and had an equally lovely experience. My favorite part about shopping with Hollie is that she is so helpful and communicative if you have any questions about the care and usage of crystals, or even if you need help identifying one. She has quickly and kindly answered every question I've sent her way! I know the crystals in my collection that came from her were in wonderful hands before they became mine, which gives me confidence that their energy is clear and positive.

Hollie's crystals are a great size, contain lots of raw energy, and are infused with loving Reiki before being shipped to their new homes!

Most of Hollie's crystals are raw rather than tumbled, which I prefer (for their more direct energy) and a really great size. I use them all the time in meditations and at yoga, and I keep them with me when I'm working or even sleeping. I'm a vivid, sometimes lucid dreamer, and they help me with making connections and recalling subtle details.

Spirit Quartz from Hollie Stark Crystal Shop

Some of my favorites that I've gotten from Hollie's shop are the apophyllite (below), spirit quartz (above), clear quartz points, and selenite wands. Those are a great place to start!! (I LOVE selenite!!)

Click on any of the links above to check out those favorites of mine, or head HERE to start clicking around and browsing the pretty pieces she has available right now! You can also find her on Instagram at @holliestark_

AND because she is so lovely (I told you!!) she has given me a discount to share with all of you! Use code ENRYCH to get 15% off your order! Head on over and start or build your high-vibeing crystal collection!!!

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