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Day In the Life: May

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Every month I say that I try to find a slightly different type of day to track to keep these fun and interesting. What I didn't plan on was tracking a sick day...especially in May!!! I think I'm actually struggling with allergies - either way, it's not very fun! lol

I tracked yesterday, May 27th...and while I was a little out of it, we still had a good day!

The previous two nights I didn't get much sleep (one night because of MJ's vault release, and the next because of feeling sick), but I actually slept really well this night. Matt and the boys camped out in the backyard so it was really quiet in here and I was able to sleep in. It was great, but I did wake up feeling like I desperately needed a dose of decongestant!

After my usual morning routine and taking medicine, I grabbed a cup of coffee and joined the boys at the fire outside. They were so cute - sleepy in their pjs but already playing around the yard and telling me all about how they had a great night sleep in the tent. It was already over 70 degrees, and though the fire was just barely going...sitting next to it with my hot coffee was almost TOO hot that early in the day!!

After sitting with my guys for a while, I made some toast and went back to bed to wait for my medicine to kick in. While I did, I got to work on some blogging (including this post!) and watched Fixer Upper.

I stayed in bed for quite a while before finally deciding that I was going to take a quick shower - I'd taken one before bed, but it helps my sinuses so much, I wanted to just kind of stand in the steam for a bit. So I did that, and got ready to go to my niece's birthday party. I was still feeling pretty cruddy, but happy to be somewhat put together and out of the house.

It was so hot out which made not feeling well extra miserable, so I sat on the covered deck and talked with my Grandma and whoever else came along. We had turkey burgers, beans, quinoa salad + watermelon for lunch, which I forgot to photo. We also watched my niece unwrap her gifts.

We sang to the birthday girl, and my phone gave me a storage warning and didn't save the adorable video I took on Instagram! I was so mad!! Oh well.

I hung out with my cuties while they ate frosted rice krispe treats and ice cream. So many boys!! (The one on the far right is my nephew - the birthday girl's brother.)

We spent some more time visiting, and then left for home. I was pretty beat when we got back. I sliced up some strawberries for a snack and went back to bed to rest for a while.

Meanwhile, my boys all attempted swimming in our's just a small one, but they love it. We'd only set it up the day before so the water was not anywhere near warm enough, but it was so hot out and they were so excited to break it in...they dove in anyway.

Matt made us coffee...he didn't sleep so well in the tent, and I was just dragging from not feeling well. He went back to watching the boys in the pool and I went back to bed to watch Hallmark movies. I was feeling pretty miserable at this point.

I'd spent a looong time in bed (I guess about 3 hours!!) just resting and getting lost in cheesy movies while trying to clear my head. I swear the heat makes my stuffy sinuses so much worse!! Matt had taken care of dinner for me and grilled some turkey burgers...which don't look entirely appetizing here but I swear they were lol.

After we ate and I put myself back together a little bit, I packed a bag for the night. It was filled with water bottles, bug spray, glow sticks, hoodies, and snacks, and we also grabbed camping chairs, blankets, and sleeping bags. (And some tissues for me.) We were so excited for a fun night under the stars!!

We had to stop on our way to grab some snacks...just movie candy, really. I waited in the car while the boys went in and picked.

We arrived at the drive-in!! We were meeting cousins to see the new Star Wars movie and it was our first trip to the drive-in of the season!

After setting up the cars, the kids all ran around and played. The four littlest (two of mine and two of my cousin's) went to play tag and roll down a grassy hill while Luke played checkers with another cousin. The sky was SO pretty the whole time we waited for the movie to start!!

The previews had just started when I snapped this one - and it was the most attention they gave the movie the entire night! lol Luke was pretty focused on it, but the rest of the kids were climbing through the van and pretending to be animals and just being silly together. There were many shhh's and trips to the bathroom, but the kids had so much fun.

We broke out the glow necklaces and bracelets and that fascinated them all for a while (haha), but eventually everyone started getting sleepy. Henry was sitting with me and he asked where Jake was, and when he asked I realized he hadn't been making noise for a while. I'd gotten him into pj's maybe 20 minutes before, and hadn't heard from him since. I used the flashlight on my phone to look through the dark van, and I spotted him passed out in his car seat! lol

It wasn't long after I got back to my seat that H passed out, too, and one of the cousins fell asleep in the back of our van. They were dropping like flies! lol

The movie ended, and Matt ran Luke back to the bathrooms while I was pinned under a sleeping Henry. It took a while to finally wiggle out so I could start cleaning up and putting the van back together!

Every once in a while, a trip to the drive in ends with a jump! Gotta keep it exciting lol

When we got home, the kids were all half asleep and pretty miserable, so we just carried them in and unloaded the van quickly. I even skipped my evening skincare routine and just used a makeup wipe because I was too beat!! It had been a long day of lots to do and not feeling well!

After we had everything done, Matt and I talked for a few and then it was time for bed!!

I guess as far as "sick" days go...this wasn't the worst!!

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  1. Sounds like a busy day! I love your fire pit and can I come watch Hallmark movies with you!? I love doing this link-up each month with you!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Haha, yes come watch Hallmark movies anytime!! ;) :) Matt built our firepit, he did such a great job! I love doing this link up with you too!!!