Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Currently May

Current Book(s)
Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson (just finished this one...water works!)
A Book That Takes Its Time by Irene Smit & Astrid Van der Hulst
I had to return some to the library that I didn't finish yet, hoping to get them back again!

Current Music
You're not allowed to laugh, but I made a YouTube playlist of all of the pivotal Nick + Jess moments through all the years. Sighh. I tried so hard to embed the playlist, but the code wasn't working, so you'll have to click HERE to listen to the whole playlist. For now, here is the one I keep going back to...their wedding song! (Sobbbbb)

Current Focuses
Getting through the school year, mostly! Next week is going to be CRAZY busy...trying to stay organized and keep a level head, but there's A LOT going on! And it's just the start of the crazy...basically all of June is going to be a circus.

Current Random Happenings
New Girl ended, and I'm a little heartbroken. Okay, maybe a lot heartbroken. I've been known to get invested in a show, but this was my favorite of all time. I remember the previews and teasers before the show started and I already knew I would love it. I was holding a newborn Henry when I watched the pilot and I was immediately hooked - I knew this would be my show. And it was, for 7 years, and I cried like a baby last Tuesday. I will miss it forever and ever.

Jake has been SUPER into wishing dandelions lately. Whenever we're outside...playing in the yard, walking into our out of can spot him holding one and quietly whispering, "I wish I had so many airplanes" or "I wish I had a Southwest airplane with a blue canyon paint job." This kid. He already has the toys and models...he legitimately wants the full-size one straight from the airport, and he's convinced it will fit in our back yard.

Current Guilty Pleasure
Re-watching New Girl obsessively. I'll get over it, I promise lol.

Current Celebrity Crush
Jake Johnson. I'm so sad Nick Miller's story is done.

Current Nail Color
Essie's Lilacism. Perfect for lilac season!!

Current Outfit
This was my favorite from this week. It's Matilda Jane's Take The Wheel Tank (which I didn't even realize I wanted but I love it!!) and Gather It Up Bag with American Eagle jeans + my favorite sandals from Target. The necklace + sunglass are Kate Spade.

Current Slang
Daaaaang, Gina. (I dunno, it just keeps coming out of me lately.)

Current Drink
Coffee (duh), la croix, sun tea, cucumber water

Current Food
Really feeling peanut butter this week.

Current TV Show
Neewwww Giiiiiirl. (Sorry, not all of me is 33.)

Current App
Instagram, Leafsnap (for typing trees in my yard!)

Current Pastime
Garage Sale-ing! Love this time of year. I find some of my most special treasures from exploring my neighborhood. I love collecting pretty floral dishes, artwork, outdoor toys for the kids, and sometimes leftover craft supplies.

Current Wish List
-some frankinsense (I'm reworking my nighttime skin care and want to add it to my lineup)
-also, copaiba (I've heard great things)
-some new natural foundation for more every day wear (not sure what kind yet, open to suggestions!)
-this tiered dessert stand

Current Needs
A few more hours in a day, mostly. And also - less places to be.

Current Bane of My Existence
School, homework, requests for money and forms and allthethings sent to school. (WHY are there SO MANY this time of year?! Right when we're all ready to give up lol)

Current Quote
"You didn't come into this world.
You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.
You are not a stranger here."
-Alan Watts

Current Picture

I love the sky (did you get that feeling in my spring yard walk post last week? Haha), and I have always said that yoga + nature are BFFs. Summertime yoga before walking into a summer evening, full of sunsets and pre-dusk birdsong is the most euphoric I ever feel. This was the sunset that greeted me after yoga last week, and I was SO happy!

Current Blessing
This weather! We struggled and struggled with never-ending winter this year, and we've been rewarded with an early summer! The leaves are in full swing, and our forecasts boasts 70's ad 80's nearly every single day! We might have the most awful winters, but we have the best summers!

Also, my babes. Henry is almost 7, but he is still just as cuddly, lovey, and attached as he's ever been. He's the sweetest little dude. When I spot him in the halls at school (when I'm there volunteering), he's always skipping along with a smile on his face. He wasn't feeling well last week, and still kept on moving and playing as though nothing was wrong. He is the most lighthearted member of our family, and I always try to recognize how much joy and pep he brings to our crew. At bedtime, Matt and I take turns hanging out in one of the kids' beds while we read (we're currently working through Narnia, we're on Prince Caspian) and I love these moments. Here's a couple photos from the other night:

Current Excitement
Summer Vaca - I can't wait for sleeping in, freedom, no strict schedules, no places to rush off to, and time with my cuties!

Current Mood
Uplifted, hopeful, motivated.

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