Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Spring 10x10 Challenge

While browsing Instagram recently, I saw a lot of posts with the hashtag #spring10x10 aside mentions of clothes and fashion. Naturally....I needed to know more ;)

After some digging, I discovered that there are occasional 10x10 challenges in the IG community that ask you to create a 10-piece capsule wardrobe to then make 10 outfits out of over a 10 day period. Totally game. I did a 12 days of Christmas outfits challenge in December that I had a ton of fun with, and it made getting ready in the morning so easy. No time wasted figuring out what to wear!

So I picked my 10 pieces....

Spring 10x10 Challgenge

1-3: Sweaters from Matilda Jane
4: Hoodie from Mindy Mae's Market
5: Green tank from Target
6: Grey tee from Old Navy
7: Black cold shoulder top from Old Navy
8: Jeans from American Eagle
9: Buffalo check button up shirt from Old Navy
10: Matilda Jane dress - because Easter was in the middle of the challenge

I felt good about my choices and my ability to totally nail this, but....I got pretty darn sick of a couple of these pieces, and I totally needed another tee and another pair of jeans. If I didn't have my Easter outfit in the mix (which I'd planned weeks before), I would have room for both of those.

And so....I kept it up for 8 days, and then fell apart. I could have done it, but to be honest I was sick of rewashing the same things and I was ready to have some color back in my life!!

Here's how I did....

Day 1 - jeans + hoodie (tank under the hoodie) with boots (we attended a muddy Easter egg hunt this day)
Day 2 - MJ Easter dress + cream MJ sweater with tights + booties (Easter was cold!)

Day 3 - jeans with cold shoulder top + button up tied around my waist
Day 4 - jeans with tank + MJ tan waterfall style sweater

Day 5 - jeans, grey tee + open button down
Day 6 - jeans, grey tee + black MJ sweater

Day 7 - jeans with button down + black MJ sweater
Day 8 - jeans with grey tee + MJ cream sweater

Okay, Confessions + Thoughts:

1) Many of these days, I would get dressed for the challenge, but I'd end up in leggings for most of the day either before or after actually putting the outfit together. It was spring break and we had no where to be most days, so there was no way I was wasting my time in hard pants, lol.

2) I only wash my jeans every 7-10 wears as it is (partially because I think that's normal for denim, but also because I spend way more time in leggings than the jeans), but I washed them in the middle of this challenge because I felt super weird wearing only one pair of jeans over and over again. They're my favs, but still!

3) Towards the end, I started to feel weird that people were noticing me in the same few pieces over and over again. No one said anything, but I was really feeling it so I assumed everyone else did, too.

4) My favorite outfit was day #7.

5) My weather was totally off for this being a "spring challenge" outfits would have fit a winter challenge much better. One of the pains of living in Buffalo.

- -

Technically, I failed since I didn't make it 10 days. BUT, I did totally get into the spirit of the challenge and I think I did a pretty good job with the days I did accomplish. Would I do it again? Totally. In fact I look forward to warmer weather to play with warm weather clothes and see how that goes. For me, it's less about the success and more about experimenting in ways I normally wouldn't using the clothes I already have. It took a lot of the guess work out of picking my outfits each day, too.

However, as a trunk keeper with a deep love for Target, my closet is too fun to limit it so much, so this would definitely not be my norm!

Have you done a challenge like this, or do you play with capsule wardrobes? Also, what's your favorite outfit from my week-ish of playing with these 10 pieces? :)

- - -

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  1. Hmmmm I wonder if I could do that! I should try! I agree you needed one more pair of pants. And I think it's totally funny that you call them "hard pants". ha! If I do the challenge, I'll tag you in it on Facebook.

    1. Yes, please do tag me so I can see!! This was super fun! I'll let you know if I notice another one in warmer weather, maybe we can do it at the same time! :) And yes, hard pants! haha Anything that's not a legging is too hard for a full day of wear lol