Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Rych Fam Easter 2018

Easter and our yearly trip to Florida always seem to be tied up together, and this year was no exception. We traveled the week before Easter this year, so getting the house decorated, the candy purchased, and the brunch planned was a bit of a rush. I probably skipped a few things (and most certainly forgot a few essentials), but I don't think it was very noticeable!

Decorations were super simple - I just put a few things out on the hutch and bought some tulips for the table. I had a little basket out on one of the living room side tables.

And these little things set up at the kitchen sink.

And that was pretty much it!

Our celebrations started on Good Friday with egg dying. The boys and I put on some music and decorated in the afternoon. I love that they are still excited to do this...especially Luke. I fear that his holiday enthusiasm will start to fade soon (wahhh to kids growing up!)

Matt came home as we were finishing up, and he asked us to save him an egg. He came up with the cheeseburger egg (that the kids were calling a krabby patty), which inspired the pizza egg.

The kids were amazed! haha

The next morning, we went to an easter egg hunt at a church down the street. We attend this one every year! It's not only convenient, but they do a really good job! There's always lots of eggs for the kids to find, and they do extra things like pony rides, face panting, and crafts. Some years they have a bake sale or the Buffalo zoo mobile visiting.

We were officially split into 3 age groups this year, so thankfully my sister and her family were there to help us divide and conquer. Matt took Luke, Henry went with my sister and my niece, and I took Jake with my brother in law and nephew. It was cold, but we at least had sunshine on our side!

When they'd all collected their allowed amount of eggs, we met up at a picnic table to see what they'd gotten.

BOTH Henry and Jake won grand prize baskets!!!!

They were SOO excited!! Luke won it a few years ago, so they were so excited that it was their turn! They were so lucky!!!!

It was so cute - when Jake posed for his picture with the hunt's Easter bunny, he pulled a Santa moment and let the bunny know he was hoping for a Kinder Joy egg in his basket this year. So funny! lol

After the hunt, we met my mom for lunch at our favorite gluten free restaurant. It was sooo goood! The forecast for Easter was looking pretty dismal, so we were trying to soak up the sunshine and slightly warmer weather while we had it! We warmed up to about 50 after the hunt and lunch (ooh, balmy! lol) so we decided to pick up sticks in the yard and have a little afternoon fire. Wrapped up in a blanket with a mug of coffee, it wasn't so bad out. It was nice to get some fresh air!!

While we were outside, I noticed the first flowers of the year and actually squealed!

We spent the rest of the evening inside...chatting, making dinner, cleaning up the house for Easter.

In the morning, the kids came to wake us up just before 6:30. They all had grocery bags ready to go, but they claimed they were just waking us up because "Galli had to go outside!" I said, so that's the only reason, huh? And they said "yeah!" just a little too high-pitched to be believable ;)

I didn't take my usual egg hunt pictures this year because I was too busy watching their reactions. Jake's line this year was, "I did NOT expect THAT!" every time he found an egg. Too cute! I did manage to snap this one really quick, though, when they found their baskets - hiding on my Matilda Jane rack! haha (When you're a trunk keeper's kid...)

Jake did, in fact, get his Kinder Joy egg! Along with a chocolate bunny, bubbles, a matchbox car, pokemon cards, a blind box, some stretchy robots and bugs, and floam (and so did his brothers.)

It wasn't long before the sugar high set in! And that was my cue to start making brunch. This year I made oatmeal banana muffins, yogurt parfaits, eggs, breakfast potatoes, hash, sausage, and fruit. My mom brought (gf) scones and brownies, and some maple candy. We have quite the spread every year!

My sister and her family showed up just as we were about to eat. The kids played and we ate, and and then we cleaned up to head over to my Dad's house for another hunt! Lucky kiddos.

That's the only picture that came out...they were moving so quickly, everything else was blurry!

After their record-time hunt, we spent time out in my Dad's sun-room. It gets super warm in there, even in winter, so it was one place where we could pretend it actually felt like spring! And it wouldn't be a lazy, over-fed Easter afternoon without a bunch of filter photos ;)

And that was it for our Easter! Despite the chilly temps and the rushed-forgetfulness of just getting back from vacation, we had a great weekend!

We're on spring break now (yessss to sleeping in and not packing lunches! praise hands!) though it STILL doesn't feel like spring. It's snowing outside my window as I'm writing this. I don't even want to talk about it, lol.

I hope your holidays were wonderful! Send me some warm weather if you've got it! xo

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