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Day In The Life: April

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For April, I decided to track a weekend day - I'm not sure that I've done that yet! So this was my day on Sunday the 22nd - Earth Day!

I loooove waking up to no alarm on the weekends! I also love how my babies come to get a couple of morning snuggles with me while they're still sleepy. When I took this, I remembered YET AGAIN that I said I was going to change my lock screen and I still hadn't! lol You'll see later, but I changed it right after this.

After my quick morning routine, I grabbed coffee and a couple energy bites (from the recipe posted last week) and sat down to read blogs for a bit. (Weird screensaver! lol)

Have you ever read Grandma Donna's blog? I find it fascinating. She lives like it's the 1940's and there's something so comforting and awesome about the careful way she does things. I am totally enamored with her lifestyle!

My plan for the day was to get some shopping done early so I could enjoy the amazing forecast for the rest of the day, so I started to get ready pretty early. I always listen to music or podcasts or marco polos while I'm getting ready, and I'm OBSESSED with this new Ari song, so I had that on. And yeah.....I'm the messiest bathroom person, lol.

While I was getting ready, Luke made breakfast for everyone - pancakes and eggs. I wasn't super hungry, but when your 9 year old cooks you breakfast, you eat it ;) So I had a little while making a quick shopping list.

After eating with everyone and getting Luke ready to go, we were off to Target! He had a chorus concert coming up that he needed a dressy outfit for, and he'd outgrown all of his dressy clothes. He also needed some new athletic pants. (Yes, he's still in a high-back booster. Because of his health problems, he's very underweight for his age - but getting there!!)

This kid. He is a silly shopping buddy, and he was being a goof about trying things on. And let me tell you....I take a long time in a dressing room but this kid was a turtle! lol He was clearly not enthused about getting dressy clothes. And his socks....hahaha, laundry day! After picking out his clothes, we grabbed a few groceries to help us get through the week, and headed for home.

Our route home had us going right by the little boys' swim lessons, which they were currently attending with Matt, so we decided to stop by to surprise them. They are turning into such little fish! While Henry waits his turn with the instructor, he's supposed to just hold onto the wall, but he finds ways to keep a toe or a finger on the wall while he goes under water over and over again. This kid LOVES the water! (He's a water sign, makes sense!!)

The little boys decided to join Luke and I and come home so Matt could go run some errands and pick up lunch for us on his way home. I was unloading the van from our Target trip and couldn't get over how warm, sunshiney, and amazing it was outside!

I put things away, and then did just a little bit of cleaning - I cleared and wiped down the counter, stove, and kitchen table, watered plants, and opened windows to let the fresh air in.

With the house put together a little, it was time to head outdoors! I grabbed my bullet journaling box (filled with all the fun crafty supplies) and headed to my patio swing. We took it out the day before and I'm SO HAPPY to have it back in action!! Galli was LOVING the sunny weather and just hanging out with me. The boys were anxious to join their cousin online to play a game, so I gave them until Matt was home with lunch to play which gave me some awesome quiet time!

I mentioned this in my book post last week, but I was holding out for springy weather to start this book with the intention of going through it on my swing. It was the PERFECT day to break it out and get it started!

Matt was home with lunch - he came bearing a salad and fries from Wendy's....I pushed all the chicken and cheese over to his side, lol. I don't eat dairy, and I'm not down with non-organic chicken. But it was great otherwise! There were two huge piles of guac on it, so you really can't go wrong! As soon as we were done eating, we all went outside and got another fire going. We have SO much to burn from recent wind storms.

After gathering tree planting supplies we'd been collecting for a while, the boys headed back to the woods to gather some soil. We started sprouts from acorns and walnuts and needed to get them planted so they could start really growing. They do best in a mixture of potting soil, peat moss, and the dirt from the area where they'll be planted eventually (so they grow accustomed to the soil they'll end up in). So the boys went back to the woods in their boots, armed with buckets and shovels!

I jumped in on our little Earth Day tree planting project to fill some planters with seeds I had waiting for the right weather, and then we got to work planting all of our little sprouts. We had fun picking names for each one as they went into their little pot of dirt (made from up-cycled milk and water containers).

By 3, all of our plants were planted and catching some sun. I sat down with my computer and an afternoon snack to meal plan for the week while stopping to throw a tennis ball for Galli over and over again. It's her favorite! Meanwhile, the boys were rollerblading around. (Side note, I had three different rounds of footwear this day lol...I was onto flip flips at this point!)

I reluctantly gave up outdoor time in favor of the rest of my Sunday chores and making dinner! I headed inside to start a load of laundry, and I picked out my outfits for the week. I make a list of the weather for Mon-Fri and then arrange them on hangers at the front of my closet. It doesn't always go according to plan, but it keeps me from rifling through too many choices!

I put sweet potatoes in the oven and started defrosting ground turkey (which I forgot to do earlier, oops) and then stepped outside to water all of our new buddies. Then I emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it.

Chili time! I made a double batch to freeze half for another night a week or two from now.

Dinner was later than expected, but Matt drew an obstacle course outside for the boys to ride their bikes on, and they just didn't want to come in! I had to make a few other sides for the boys, too - they're not big chili fans. Jake was particularly jazzed about the mango...he's obsessed!

Matt gave the little boys baths and ushered Luke into the shower after while I folded 3 loads of laundry while watching Harry Potter. Then we finished getting them ready for bed, and I walked around the house cleaning up dinner and picking up toys and things from the living room floor.

Finally, the boys were in their beds, and we read some more Narnia together. Matt was reading this night - we're about 3/4 of the way through The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe and they're loving it! We're thinking we'll be done with it this week and then we'll make some turkish delight and watch the movie this weekend.

Kisses and good nights came next...I love these cuties!

Matt and I settled into bed to do some reading. I've been working through these two forever!! I love them, but they're very time consuming!

I stopped here to wash my face, brush my teeth, and get ready for bed.

We ended the night watching some TV together, and I took a screenshot here (SEE! I changed my lock screen! lol) because I knew I wouldn't last very long before I fell asleep. I have no idea when I did, actually...I don't even remember Matt turning the TV off. My favorite way to fall asleep!

And that was our awesome, springy day!!!!

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