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Day In The Life: Vacation!

Happy Monday, Happy Spring, Happy DITL link-up!

And guess what?? I'm on vacation! In the interest of documenting some special and unique days this year, I thought it would be super fun to share what a day on our Florida vacation looks like!

A Day In The Life on Vacation! |

We take this trip every year to visit Matt's parents, and some of the things we do are very predictable. Which is totally fine with us! It's usually the exact break we need from Buffalo's winter, and lots of the time some lazy peace and quiet is all we really need!! I documented our day on Friday, the 23rd - here's what what we did!

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We usually try to get up earlier than this for some quiet time in the morning, but sleeping in on vacation is also kind of the best! So is waking up to a palm tree outside the window! (I think I said this in one of my previous DITL posts but I swear I'm going to change my home screen lol)

After waking up for a few, I made the bed, then went to do my thing in the bathroom. Don't mind the gross of my little ones is an enthusiastic tooth brusher, haha

We normally spend our mornings out on the lanai so we can watch the sun come up and hang out with the birds, but the mornings have been unseasonably chilly for Florida. On this morning, it was only 47 we decided to keep our morning coffee and reading tradition inside. The kids were already awake and gearing up for some swimming!

After reading for a while, I helped Matt make breakfast for everyone. We made gluten free pancakes, eggs, and Canadian bacon. We all ate together and talked for a while, and enjoyed a slow morning.

It's so nice to not have to rush through mornings! After taking it slow, I got ready for the day...took a shower, chatted with a friend, then did my hair and makeup so we could go do some shopping.

We did some shopping at the outlets across the street from Matt's parents development, but didn't actually come home with anything. We were hunting for shoes and sunglasses for the kids, and I tried on some sunglasses for myself. I decided to let the options marinate for a while...we end up there 3 or 4 times every trip so I always do this! Things usually stick in my head until I go back for them ;)

After striking out at the outlets, we came home for lunch. Matt and I made taco bowls with leftovers, and made the kids some gluten free nuggets and tator tots. It was finally starting to warm up at this point, so we sat outside to soak up some sunshine. I had half of a larabar to satisfy my chocolate craving so I didn't go to town on the Norman Love truffles waiting for me in my room!

Since we still needed sandals and sunglasses for the boys, we decided to go to Target. We found everything we needed there, plus these cute little chicks from the one spot easter decorations. Jake loved his little chicky and cuddled it the whole time - so cute!

I grabbed some Starbucks on our way out of Target (an iced soy vanilla latte) and sipped on that while Matt ran into the grocery store to grab a few things, and then we went back to the house.

When we got back, Matt decided to go for a run and do some TKD, so I got the boys in their swim suits and sunscreen, and we went to sit outside by the pool. It wasn't long before they were all swimming, so I went in to join them for a little while. It was sooo nice out! It was just about 80 out there by this point.

After drying off in the sun for a bit, I changed into a maxi dress and re-curled my hair for dinner. My dad was in town, too (staying at his condo about 15 minutes north of here) so he came for dinner. Matt's mom's friend came as well, and she brought Easter goodie bags for the kids and more Norman Love chocolates for me!! We sat out on the lanai with some snacks including my favorite coconut curry hummus - sooo good!

I didn't photo dinner, but we had steaks, little potatoes, and ceasar salad. I had this amazing coconut sorbet for dessert - I'd had it a few years ago on one of our trips here and was so excited we had it again! It's SO GOOD!

The sun was setting as we chatted, and it cooled off a bit so I grabbed a hoodie. It was so nice to be outside in the evening, though...I can't wait for warm evenings at home!

The boys got bubbles in their goodie bags, so they played with those for a while. I sat on a lounger with a big blanket for a while while they was super comfy!

The laundry on the bed drives me nuts in these, but this is what I did the rest of the evening! After getting the boys to bed around 9, I laid in bed watching House Hunters (for whatever reason, HGTV is my jam while we are here) and I had a few Norman Love truffles before getting ready for bed. Matt was out chatting with his parents, but I was too beat!

I'm not totally sure when I finally went to sleep, but once I decided it was time to sleep, I passed out pretty instantly! This was the last time I remember looking at the time on my phone before I was asleep.

And that was it for my day! It's funny....I expected my vacation DITL post to look like a very typical day here for us, but our mornings were different this whole trip (it was just so chilly every morning!) and we haven't been able to get a second golf cart, so our evening golf cart rides haven't been happening either! Unfortunately :(

But it was a great day with a good mix of sun, swimming, and shopping! Hopefully for our April DITL, I'll have a little bit of this warm weather to enjoy back home ;)

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  1. Lady, your vacation looks awesome! Can you send some of that warm weather this way? I love that comfy blanket and your boys look like they are having a blast! I loved this post1

    1. Haha, I wish!! I tried to bring some of that warm weather home with me, but it only lasted for a day. We're pretty much back to winter here and I'm soo over it!!!! Take me back to Florida! lol

  2. Visited there last weekend with a group of friends, and had all the fun we could handle. I really like the ambiance at this event space NYC. There's a decent draft beer selection at a reasonable price and the bartenders are good at what they do.