Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

If you had a chance to see what life has been like for us lately (scroll down one post!), you may have caught that little tidbit about us struggling to kick the flu during this year's love day. We managed, but it wasn't without difficulty!

Valentine's Day has become one of those minor holidays that we use to celebrate the kiddos. Matt and I tend to celebrate our anniversary + dativersary more than this (as far as the coupley-lovey stuff), so our celebration of this day is very kitchy, sugary, and kid-happy.

It took me *days* to pull all of our decorations from the bin and put them out into our house. Everything is really simple, but I just didn't have the energy!!! So everything you see was sort of pieced together. I sat in my bed and put the letterboard together one day. Stuck the garlands on the mirror another. Picked up a few flowers and stuck them around places another day. But by the 14th, everything was happily awaiting our celebrations! Pretty sure that's curling on the TV's reflection? ;)

Matt brought me flowers, which is my favorite way to dress a table. The sun even shared some of its light with us, which made our little not-a-party feel extra sweet and exciting after days of being ill and stuck inside with the winter weather.

Luke and Jake were both home with me, so I hid in a corner to stuff their little goodie bags, and then set the table up shortly before going to pick Henry up from school.

The little paper gift bags were from the one spot, and they were pretty simply filled. They each had a heart box of peanut butter cups, a heart-shaped ring pop, a kinder joy egg, some Valentine's Day pencils, a tiny fidget spinner, and some little caramel filled emoji chocolates. Simple and cheap!

Each of their place settings had a heart-shaped plate, a pretty napkin, a paper cup and straw, their goodie bags with a personal card from me in each, and a personalized chocolate heart (in the red box.) Matt's mom used to get him those growing up, so it's his tradition for them...he goes and orders them on his own from our favorite chocolate shop in the area.

After we picked up Henry, we sat at the table and the boys opened their cards and goodie bags. They weren't allowed to open their boxes until Matt got home! I don't have any photos from this part of the day...I took a lot of IG stories instead!!

So that evening, I made gluten free heart shaped pizzas for dinner. I made a no-cheese taco one for myself so it would be dairy free (leftover taco meat, black beans, vegetarian refried beans with cumin as the "sauce", taco sauce, and topped with avocado when it came out of the oven.) This was theirs....ignore the awful filter, I used the annoying super-zoom on my story - haha

After dinner, the boys opened their hearts and had some of them for dessert, and Matt gave me a box of truffles - scooore. They were worth cheating on my no-dairy policy.

And that was about it! We spent the rest of the evening watching the olympics and fighting off the boys' sugar high! ;)

It was nice to have a little celebration in the middle of all that coughing, worry, and fatigue! This was also the day that Luke kicked his 8.5 day fever streak (yes, seriously! so bad.) So I think we'll remember this one as one for the memory books!

Here's some of our other recent Valentine's Day celebrations:  2015 | 2016 | 2017

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  1. Girl, I've been wondering where you've been! So hope you are feeling better! Great posts- I love how we both had heart shaped pizzas for dinner on Valentine's Day!

    1. Yes we're doing much better now!!! Yay for heart shaped pizza! lol