Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Life Catch-Up

Well, hello.

I sure didn't schedule in a couple weeks of radio silence, but that's what happens when 60% of your family comes down with the flu! It was an awful experience, for sure...trying to feel better and take care of my sick littles at the same time.

I will say this, though....there's a silver lining in everything, right? Every awful and wonderful experience is a lesson. Being forced to slow down and lie around for days left me alone with my thoughts and showed me how silly and off it feels to constantly juggle so many things - even if they're things I tend to enjoy. I was living as a tightly-wound coil, and the flu unraveled me. What that means for me overall, I'm not sure yet, but I can tell you that I'm thrilled by the thought of intentional moments, and little pretty things, and taking life slowly.

While most of February was full of thumbs down sickness, we still had some fun!

On the 2nd, my cousin got married, and her wedding was maybe the most fun wedding I've ever been to. No lie. It's so rare that my whole family all gets together like that at one time, and throw in lots of wine and happy vibes, and it was a hilarious, amazing night.

SO much fun. Since then, we've all been talking about what sort of party we can throw just to have that much fun together again. :)

The next day was one of my childhood best friend's baby shower. She's the last in our group (of 4 of us) to have a baby, and despite being very tired from the night before (I'm telling you, it was the most fun ever lol) we were so excited to get together again for our girl.

The shower was in the same room where I had my bridal shower - lots of memories for sure!!

Me with my niecey-poo & my sister from another mister (my oldest friend of 25 years!)

It was a busy, but super fun weekend - and in the mess of winter, I really needed it! By Sunday, though, I was totally wiped out, so we relaxed all day. Monday was my mom's birthday, and we all went out for dinner to Red Robin (where they totally have gluten free buns & fries!), and that was the last of our fun. The very next morning, we woke up with the flu. Boooo, hiiiissss.

It took me like 5 different rounds of attempting to decorate for Valentine's Day before finally getting it done. I was SO tired. I was determined to not skip over this holiday, though....we all needed a little pick-me-up after being in the flu trenches.

I'll share about our Valentine's Day in its own post, but there's a peek at what I was able to pull together in my sicky stuppor. ;)

Since then, we've been disinfecting the house, resting, and trying to just take little trips out and about without overdoing it, or exposing ourselves to too much. It is still February in Buffalo, after all. The boys had swimming lessons on Sunday morning, and then we decided to take them out for a simple outing. We grabbed takeout fries and parked across the highway from the airport runway to watch planes come in.

Jake is OBSESSED with airplanes. I mean like...not a normal amount of kid obsessed, but like he rarely thinks of anything other than airplanes. It's ridiculous. In the evenings, he calms down for bed by asking me to google Southwest airplane pictures on my phone and he will just scroll and scroll, talking about paint jobs and wondering what airport they usually operate out of. We saw lots of planes, but this was the first Southwest that went over while we were there, and it was SO CUTE how he waved at it. (Don't mind his ridiculous outfit, he was fresh from swimming lessons and he wears sweats so they can go over his trunks on the way there! Lol)

So stinking cute, I love it!

We went for dinner at Matt's mom's that night, and since they are leaving for Florida this week, they offered to have the boys stay over. (They're usually there this time of year, but had to come back for a medical procedure, so they're headed back now.) It gave Matt and I a nice, slow morning date yesterday. We first took Galli for a walk, then after dropping her back off at home, we had breakfast at one of our favorite coffee shops.

They have gluten free buns and biscotti (yum!) so I just skipped cheese and it was a pretty great breakfast! After we ate, we went to Home Depot to check out some things for our planned bathroom renovation, and ended up going home with a cute houseplant. I'm feeling a bit hygee lately and want to fill my home with more of the outdoors! It's tricky finding plants that are not toxic to cats and dogs, though...this is the only one we could find that wasn't. What's cool about it, though, is the care tag said to water it with 2 ice cubes once a week. How easy and different is that?? Love it!

Anyway, that's what's new in our neck of the woods! I'm busy at work trying to catch us all up on life stuff and get settled into things again, and I have lots to share...plus a new Matilda Jane release just around the corner!

I hope you've all been healthier than we have ;)
- - -

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