Monday, February 26, 2018

Day In The Life: February

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I can't believe it's already been a month (and only 4 posts) since my last DITL, but I suppose that's what happens when you end up in an illness fog for the better part of a month. ;)

I'm linking up with Julie from Fall Into Life today to share a glimpse of our every day life! We'd love it if you join us!!! You can link up at the bottom of this post! xo

Ohhh glorious winter break! My kids were off from school all week, so I turned off my alarm (hallelujah!) and slept in well past my norm each morning. There was even one morning that we weren't up until after 8, it was amazing!! As usual, I scrolled through my phone a little while I was waking up, and found this awesome quote that speaks to how I've felt lately! Then I got up, made my bed, opened windows, and did my usual morning routine in the bathroom.

Coffee time is the best time! I poured a cup and made myself a really quick breakfast. The kids were up for a little bit before I was up, and Luke made everyone freezer waffles and almond milk. Aside from the powdered sugar all over the kitchen floor, it was pretty amazing. ;)

I had some things to get done that morning...some Matilda Jane stuff to take care of, some blogging to catch up on, some emails to send. So I gathered my, breakfast, my crystals, and my little planner, and sat down to get some stuff done. The kids were playing soccer with their own made up rules while I did all of this.

Time to get ready for the day. I got dressed, and did my hair and makeup (I showered at night the night before, and did my Limelight facemask, so I was ready to go) while I listened to the Happier podcast. I let the kids watch Olympics while I did this.

Done, and off to do a few chores. I cleared the kitchen table, swept the kitchen floor, and started a load of laundry but set it for a delay knowing I couldn't deal with moving it over to the dryer right away.

I was feeling a little hungry, so I grabbed some walnuts and a glass of water and sat down to watch speed skating with the boys. They had set up their own little bed on the floor (they tried building a fort, that's the little structure thing to the's a fort kit, but they've lost so many pieces now they usually give up on it lol) and Luke was doing some reading.

Matt came home to hang with the boys so I could run out for a little bit. I tidied a few things, and then off I went.

First stop was getting my blood drawn for our yearly wellness activities. I HATE having to do this in February, I feel like I'm in a room filled with germ soup. I used purell like 5 times and tried to hold my shirt up over my face to breathe lol. It was really busy, but because I had an appointment I was the second person called, thankfully. It went pretty smoothly (except man, I hate when I get the newer phlebotomists and they haven't yet figured out how to insert the needle without it amazes me, the ones that can do it without you feeling anything!!) I had a little extra time, so I made a really quick trip to Target to scoop up some of the spring decor I've been waiting for!! Confession: I'm in a Facebook group for people who are obsessed with bullseye's playground decor and other parts of the country have already had this stuff for a few weeks, so I've been checking....uh, let's just say, frequently (lol).

When I got home, I was pretty hungry and Matt had already fed the boys for me, so I made a snack and more coffee. It was so cold out (it had been 60 for the past couple days!) and I was tired and just relieved to have that appointment over with. So I had my snack, and then lounged around in my room with my cats, and did some reading.

I went back to the computer to do a few more things, and ended up playing around on Pinterest for uh, a long time lol. I mean like....too long. I had declared it screen time for the boys, so they were off playing games together and I was really enjoying the quiet and calm.

I had enough Pinterest and decided to go back to my book. So I read for a while...and MAN is this book wonderfully high-vibey! So good. I read until about 4:30/40 or so, and then I Marco Polo'ed my friends and shared my Target finds, and chatted while I got ready to go. I'd been lounging around on my hair so I need a little spruce!

I helped the boys change their outfits (they'd been in comfy clothes most of the day), styled their hair, and ushered them through getting coats and shoes on before Matt got home. We had been working on a surprise for them and we were trying to get out early!

Matt was home, so we all buckled into the van, and we kept them in the dark about what we were doing and drove to the falls. Just as we were turning past the casino, Luke said, "Are we going to Rainforest Cafe?? I remember there was a casino by it!"...and he was right! I promise he was happy haha...he just doesn't always love having his picture taken.

What none of them knew was we had a second surprise....their Grandma and Grandpa were there waiting for us! They were supposed to go back to Florida on Tuesday, and they decided to stay another couple of weeks. They intentionally stood with their backs to us as we checked in with the host, and then all of a sudden it dawned on the kids who was standing next to us and it was SO CUTE...the smiles on their faces were so adorable!

We got to sit near the elephants again, and the kids had so much fun telling their grandparents all about the place. They had never been, but this was the kids third time (their first time was the location in Disney) so they were excited to be the experts. We had so much fun! I got a salad and fries, and the kids got gluten free mac and cheese. Matt got fajitas. We checked out some of the fish tanks and the arcade before heading home.

Matt got the boys ready for bed while I moved laundry around and unloaded the dishwasher. I just wanted to do a few things before bed to keep things moving! Then we tucked everyone in and gave kisses goodnight.

Next up was my nighttime beauty routine. I'll be honest...I've always been lazy with this. I keep a pouch in my nightstand with makeup wipes and acne medicine and I just clear off my makeup and dab that on before going to sleep. My skin has been awful since I had the flu, though (I think I must be detoxing) so I've been trying to be more determined with my evening skin routine. I take care of it well every other time, but I'm usually so tired in the evenings that I just don't care enough! I've been doing this for a few days, though, and I'm happy with it. So from left to right...I wash with Limelight's Dream Clean & warm water, then I use witch hazel as a toner, then I use good 'ol lemon juice wherever my pores are bad (usually my nose and cheeks), then I moisturize with Limelight's Calm Balm, and then I use spot treatment and ointment wherever I need it. My skin feels better and better every morning!

Next I folded laundry while watching New Girl. I've had this sort of "not a routine" going where I wash a load of laundry whenever I think to, move it to the dryer whenever I remember it, and then fold one small load before bed while watching olympics or a show, and Matt helps me put it away. It's totally laundry is so caught up. This felt like one of the only tasks I could handle while I had the flu, so I've just kept it up. The nice thing about it is that I don't feel forced to do it during the day (since I just do it whenever it occurs to me), but folding it ON my bed, right before bed, forces us to put it away so we can go to sleep. It's totally working! Oh and, I'm re-watching New Girl to prepare for the final season (sniff)...though I'll probably re-watch season 6 again right before season 7 starts in April ;)

I ended the night with some more reading with the olympics on in the background. Not a bad way to spend an evening if you ask me! And here's the book I was reading earlier,'s about way more than money! It's more about manifesting things correctly, and focusing on your purpose and your ideal. It's SO good. Highly recommend!

I wasn't all that tired yet, but I had been staying up too late during this break, so I decided to call it a night and get to sleep!

Even though we did quite a bit this day, there was also a lot of down time, and it didn't feel hurried and rushed like my other day in the life posts have tended to feel. I'm telling you - getting the flu really altered my perception of daily life, and I'm totally in pursuit of a slower existence. It's been wonderful!

Julie & I would love to have you join us in documenting every day life!! Share your day in the life post with us below! xo

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  1. I'd love for you to do a Limelight review. My friend sells so I've been looking at getting something but not sure what exactly.

    1. YES! I hope to get around to doing that, I love it! It's great makeup...I get comments on it all the time!!

  2. As usual, I loved reading about your day! I love that you didn't have to wake up to an alarm...isn't that the BEST?! Your family looks adorable!

    1. Thanks, friend!! It is the BEST to wake up without an of my very favorite things! :)