Friday, February 23, 2018

Currently February

Current Book(s)
Creating Money by Sanaya Roman (currently reading)
- this is more about manifesting than it is money, and I'm loving it!
Beautiful Money by Leanne Jacobs (still reading)

Current Music
Right this second, Yoga Sanctuary on Pandora.
Lately, Birdsong and Alpha Waves. And I guess I'm in a bit of a Camila Cabello phase!

Current Focuses
-Staying healthy
-Enjoying this break from school (my boys have been off all week)
-Slowing life down and enjoying
-Being more hygge

Current Random Happenings
-Well, we had the flu for most of February, and that's kind of the gist of what's happened, haha. But you can check out our life update from a few days ago here.

Current Guilty Pleasure
Too much coffee, Watson's truffles, lots of Netflix & YouTube

Current Celebrity Crush
Hmmm, let's switch it up a little and say Jake Johnson? Mostly because I've been deep in the New Girl re-watching binge situation, so...#Ness

Current Nail Color
Essie's As If

Current Outfit
It's still been a lot of leggings & hoodies. Right now I have generic leggings on, a Matilda Jane pajama top, and MJ's Marvelous Marled Vee. So cozy!

Current Slang
heck yes

Current Drink
Coffeeeee. And chamomile tea.

Current Food
Taco bowls. Sometimes vegan, sometimes not.
And limes...I put them on everything lately.

Current TV Show
Well, I binged all of Grace & Frankie while I was sick. And then I started re-watching New Girl to catch up again before the new season comes out. And Matt and I have been watching Stranger Things in the evenings (finally lol)

Current App
Instagram & Pinterest
looking up lots of hygge & spring inspo, lately

Current Pastime
I've been doing a lot of laundry while watching Netflix, and it's a good system because I enjoy watching stuff and my laundry has been sooo caught up. I made it kind of my only goal while I was sick because it didn't take a lot of effort to sit in my bed and fold, so it's in amazing shape right now!

Current Wish List
-some limelight refreshes (need to replace some things I've used up)
-like a ton of stuff from bullseye's playground at store is taking FOREVER to put Spring stuff out....some stores have had it for 2-3 weeks and as of Tuesday mine had nothing!
-more rae dunn
-more springy days
-new Matilda Jane beach towels (they're the first thing I spotted in the March sneaks and I'm OBSESSED)
-and this book

Current Needs
SPRING + immunity

Current Bane of My Existence
germs, February, meal planning

Current Quote
the key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule but to schedule your priorities. -stephen covey

Current Picture

I posted this on my IG the other day and it made me so hopeful for the coming Spring evenings when we can sit outside by the fire and read. I took this last April in our backyard. MAN I miss warm nights!

Current Blessing
Feeling good, healing, having clarity about life lessons, a husband that steps in when I have to be off-duty, the many people that adore my kids - I feel so lucky to have all of it!

Current Excitement
Spring and warm days, Florida, spring Matilda Jane, tackling life with a slower mindset

Current Mood

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  1. Great list. Stopping by from Friday Favorites. Sorry that you all had the flu. My hubby had it in January, but my daughter & I didn't get it. Next week is school vacay here. Not really looking forward to it. My daughter stays in her pjs all day & makes messes. I'm hoping we can get out a few days & keep busy & no messes. I'm excited for Spring too. It will be here soon. I'm so happy that February is almost over.

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