Monday, January 8, 2018

Percolate & Meditate in January

Percolate & Meditate: A calm, soothing way to start the day with rejuvenating self-care | www.enrychment.comIn the fall, I introduced a morning practice idea called Percolate & Meditate that I'd hoped to share some ideas for each month. I missed a couple, because #life...but with the new year, I wanted to jump in and offer a way to get started with this simple personal development practice that I think will bless your entire year, day by day. Or at the very least, share how it's impacting mine.

So what is it? Well, you can read the original post HERE, or I'll give you the cliff notes version: Percolate & Meditate simply means to focus on yourself with your morning coffee while not overloading yourself with too many ritualistic self-help practices before you've even fully woken up!

For some, The Miracle Morning, all full of its rigor and planning makes sense. (Totally why it suits my Martial Arts practicing husband and his type A nature!)

But for Rebels or Questioners that need to settle into a good feeling before committing to something, we need a little more freedom to decide what feels good in the moment. So meditation might mean traditional yoga meditation, or following an app...or it might be journaling, reading, praying, or setting intentions. My mind is a busy place....story for another day, but I can't seem to quiet into mediation without some guidance first. I read to find something to mull over, and then I either journal about it, or I meditate with it.

I want to first introduce you to a book that I absolutely treasure - The Complete Works by Florence Scovel Shinn. It's actually a collection of her shorter spiritually instructional books that are all wildly helpful and inspiring. And as you can see, my copy is very loved and tattered!

I have it on the calendar to share a post with you all about my spirituality. It probably seems a little confusing so far...what with me always talking about yoga and manifesting and astrology, but being published in a Catholic book. In recent years, my spirituality and what I believe (as well as how I practice) has evolved, and the biggest piece of the puzzle is.....well, literally that. All of these versions of how I've come to view spirituality are versions of the same thing. They have their own names and definitions, like individual puzzle pieces that I've slowly put together into one broad, beautiful, blended picture. To me, there are many ways to see the same exact thing.

That's what I adore about this book. The author, Florence Scovel Shin, does not take manifesting and intentions and affirmations and all of the woo-woo stuff you hear about these days and separate it from religion. In fact, she shows exactly why it's the same exact thing....she puts it all in religious terms, and shows how God and Jesus are the same as the Universe and Infinite Spirit.

She gives you very clear, matter-of-fact explanations for things in life through this book, and helps you understand the forces at work in how things come to be, as well as inspires you for how to think and act and feel in order to help be a creator of those things.

Every time I read this book for my morning practice, it inspires intentions for the day, and my actions and attitude reflect them. She goes so far as to tell you exactly what words to set in your heart to get you where you want to go.

Here's a specific story of how her words and ideas helped bring some confirmation into my life (I'm laughing as I type this, because two of those exact pens are sitting on the desk with me at this moment!): How Pens, Birds & Seaweed Might Be Your Energetic Match

You won't regret picking up this book for your morning practice! Whether you are religious or not, her words will speak to you either way. Take them as you are comfortable - accept them in terms that speak to YOU, and then watch the magic happen in your daily life! xo

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  1. Ms. Shinn. has uplifting messages I have never seen anywhere else. The books were written a long time ago but they have not lost any of their relevance in today's world.