Monday, January 1, 2018

My Word For 2018

Happy 2018!

The energy of the new year is so good, isn't it? So refreshing and full of possibility.

Throw in the full moon energy, and the time feels ripe for clearing out, making plans, and entering a year of pulling in all that is good and right and uniquely you.

And there's so much beautiful work to be done!

word of the year

I believe in measuring accomplishments and habits and goals by your own personal abilities and characteristics. No trying to shove a square peg into a round hole for me, thanks.

So usually, following a prescribed practice doesn't work so well for me.

Which is why, for many years, I've shied away from the whole "one word for your year" idea. ONE word? For a WHOLE YEAR? I'm much too dynamic and finicky an individual for all of that nonsense.

In fact, when I succeed at anything, it's because whatever I'm working on is flexible to my whims and inspirations. Like when I did 31 Days this past year...2017 was the only time I was able to accomplish it. Because my theme bent and flexed towards whatever I wanted to share each day.

But when I stopped to think about this one word thing for a minute, a word came to me in seconds.

And I was instantly sure of it.

When something happens without all of the wild analyzing I'm usually prone to, I know that I was actually still enough to hear guidance from something bigger than myself. And I cannot, and should not, ignore it.

So I looked at this teeny tiny, unassuming word to see how I felt about it.


That's it. Two letters.

It is perfect in its simplicity. But Up is anything but small.

Up is where the sky is blue, and the stars shine over us.
Up is where sunlight gives life to our world.
Up is where the birds fly, the wind and rain blow in, the leaves grow.
Up is where you go when your vibes are high and your heart is full of love.
Up is where you climb when you work hard (and smart.)

Up is where our life's expansion takes us - where we belong - where we exist beyond this human experience.

Up is where the number of our age naturally goes.
Up is hopefully, the direction of our bank accounts.
Up is the number of friends we collect in our lives.
Up is the amount of love we are surrounded by.

Up is increasing. Up is expanding. Up is big.

Up is the two-letter way of saying "live the bigger life."

And it's my perfectly perfect word for this year of stepping into purpose.

So, how about you?

Do you like the one word idea? Do you pick one? What's your word for this year?
Lay all of that sweet inspiration on me! ;)

- - -

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