Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lukas is 9!

It's blowing my mind a little bit - this idea that I've been a mom for nine years now. NINE. Almost a decade! (Expect me to make a big deal out of that next year, ha.)

But when you take numbers out of the equation and I just think about the fact that my Luke is an amazing, fated, perfect addition to my life experience, I can't ever imagine a time when he wasn't a part of my reality. He's an amazing kid, with an even more amazing heart and a massive capacity for love.

He has true, deep empathy for his brothers, animals, any slightly sad story - even stuffed animals. This boy feels. He is a love, and he is going to bless so many people in his life. I can tell, of my three, he will be the relationship guy. He will be the one that throws his whole heart and soul into loving someone. He's the one that's going to want a baseball team's worth of little ones. He's the one that will change the diapers and rock his babies to sleep at three in the morning.

You can already see it in the way he gravitates towards his youngest cousin. The way he calms his crying brothers, and holds their hands through nervous moments. The way he brings me snacks and hangs up get well signs when I'm not feeling well. If he does nothing with his life other than hold onto his willingness to love, I will be the proudest mom in the world!

Because Luke's birthday is so soon after Christmas (3 weeks exactly), and we're all a little sad with the letdown of packing Christmas away, we put up a "Birthdaymas" tree. It's just our little tree, re-decorated with birthday-ish and Luke-centered decorations. It's kind of a nice way to make a birthday in the middle of frigid, dark January a little more special!

The night before his birthday, I filled his tree with packs of Pokemon cards, candy, and some pictures of him as a baby. (I may even go crazier with that next year when he's TEN! Gah, how?!) We wrapped his presents and put them under his tree for him to wake up to, also. Of course it was the first thing he wanted to do when he woke up! He totally lucked out with a day off for his special day, so we all sat together and watched him open his gifts.

For the rest of the morning, the boys played a video game (that he'd just gotten as a gift) while I made gluten free & dairy free donuts. I cannot believe I didn't take a picture of them....I took a boomerang on my Instagram and didn't think I'd miss having a picture after the fact! Oops.

After they ate, Matt took the boys sledding at a nearby park, and I stayed behind for some much needed quiet time. I made them mugs of hot cocoa while they were on their way home, and we had a slow afternoon together.

Luke requested steak for dinner (of course, haha) plus salad, carrots, and apples. He also asked for a cookie cake, and I had to get a little crafty with that one since we are gluten free. I made a batch of typical GF cookies, and a batch without using dairy, and pressed them into one big pan. It turned out pretty good, though I made a mental note to not bake it as long next time (I had no clue what to expect this time!), but everyone was happy with it. Including Luke's slice of it. ;)

My Dad stopped by with gifts for Lukey, and then we pretty much called it a night! We all had to get back to real life after a long weekend, and Matt was actually scheduled to travel for work in the morning, so it was kind of a quick snap out of birthday celebrations, but a great day even so!

And now we're already racing towards having a ten year old somehow. They're not messing around when they tell you it goes by fast!

Happy Birthday, my Lukey James.
You'll never understand how much you are loved!

- - -

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