Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Let the Universe Buy You Dinner (Play the save your pennies game!)

I am stupidly excited to share this with you today! This is such a fun little "game" I've come up with that I've been playing for a month now, and as silly and trivial as it is, it really adds just a little extra sparkle to my life. Which, as you'll see in a second, made this little change purse of mine the perfect tool for the game.

To Play, You Need:
A change purse or pouch of some kind
A few index cards or sticky notes
A pen or something to write with nearby

That's iiiiiiit, and playing the game is just as simple. So let me tell you how to play it, and then I'll tell you WHY to play it!

First, designate your pouch or change purse to use for this game - I picked a cute little free one I'd gotten in a Black Friday tote from Bath & Body Works years ago! Stick your index cards or sticky notes in it, and then find a place to store it where you'll always know where it is, and it's easy to access (like a night stand, kitchen drawer, desk drawer, etc.) Keep a pen or pencil with it, too!

All you do, is when you find ANY sort of loose change...from a penny to a $5 bill...add it to your little penny saving pouch, and write down how much is in there along with the date. When you find more, add it to the total and write the new date.

The KEY to playing this that each time you find some spare change, get excited and grateful about it! The goal is to see how much you can collect in your pouch in one year. It's not to take money out of your checking account to actually save up for something, and it's not meant to be budgeted for in anyway. This is purely a collection of little gifts from the universe that you add up throughout the year.

Something I learned in my early study of manifesting is that you have to be excited and grateful about receiving. I would wager that EVERYONE would like to manifest more money, right? But if you're only ever feeling stressed or guilty about it, that makes receiving it really hard, actually! And, people who see a penny and say, "meh, it's just a penny, I'll leave it," are actually blocking themselves from receiving money. If instead, you say/think, "yay, thank you!"  - you're aligning yourself with the vibration of receiving. It doesn't matter how small - everything starts somewhere. And in fact, one of the lessons I've been learning lately is how the slow, small, steady, subtle parts of projects (and of life) are what add up to making the big things happen.

The beauty of this game is that you have the challenge to always be on the lookout for these little gifts so that you can make your little pouch as full as you possibly can. And because it's a little challenge, you naturally get a little ping of excitement when you find a coin or a single dollar bill. It lights you up over money! And you get to actually see how much the Universe is sending you in little bits in pieces. We might not recognize it otherwise! It's harder to see the gifts when they are spread out over the year - we forget, right? So this is like the Christmas morning of loose change.

Matt and I are embarking on a year of heavy budgeting and debt payoff, and some things are getting cut, and lots of others are getting restricted. We are so excited about where it will bring us a year from now that we don't feel down about it (well, I did at first until I looked at numbers and saw what 12 months could really do for us!) So I'm not super worried about us being in the wrong fact, I think our plan has brought a freshness to our finances that we haven't had before. BUT, playing the save your pennies game is juuuuust a little light-hearted fun with money that we aren't planning on or counting up at all. So it's my happy little money playground that will help vibe us in the right direction!

Matt doesn't even know I'm playing this game (unless he's reading this now, hey babe!), and I'm not paying a lot of attention to the total so I have no idea what I'll do with the money when my year is over...but I want to do something good with it, since it'll be a paid for by the Universe!

So far, I've saved up $2.91 in little bits and pieces! I started on December 3rd...I was cleaning my room and found some coins, and the idea for this game just sort of popped into my head! (Thanks, Universe!!) I can't wait to see where it is at the end of 2018! A weird pattern keeps happening, too...I keep finding pennies in pairs! I find one, and usually on my way to add it to my pouch I find another! I've come to expect a second penny every time I find one, now...kind of a cool little manifesting pattern of doubling...I like it!!

Let the Universe buy you dinner and play the save your pennies game! |

Do you have money goals this year? Play the Save Your Pennies Game and see if it gives them a little boost! At the very least, you can take yourself out to dinner in December! :)

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