Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January Goals & Plans

New year, new resolutions and all that jazz. ;)

I shared my word of the year on Monday, and with that theme in mind, I've been busy plotting out goals that I can accomplish in smaller chunks. I'm trying to think of 2018 in months and weeks rather than seasons, or the whole thing, because I need to be better about fixing the little to produce results in the big. It just seems like a "thing" I need to iron out, ya know?

I don't know about you, but I love seeing what everyone is hoping to accomplish each month. It's an inspiring thing to me - to see what individuals strive for, and how their goals might ignite some of my own! So first, here's what I really want out of 2018.

1. A financial makeover.
My biggest goal with this one is to switch from a mindset of "getting by"...of existing any way we possibly can, to preparing our assets to afford us the big life things we want to accomplish. We'd love to be financially equipped to get a bigger house, to take more vacations, and even adopt...and making this shift in how we spend and save will be huge for us, I think.

2. A health makeover.
I technically know how to be healthy, and specifically what my body prefers and needs, but I often choose not to do it. Because I'm tired. And then I'm tired because I treated my body poorly. And around and around it goes. No more! Long term health is at stake, here...I feel as though our 30's and 40's really set the stage for our longevity. I also want to eliminate as many toxins as I can from my cleansing and beauty products.

3. An organizational makeover.
I want to simplify, organize, and declutter my home, but I also want to organize my daily life and family functions. I'm just so sick of the chaotic nature of how we go through our days, and I need some more calm and preparedness in the pace of motherhood. Even though pre-planning goes against my nature, I think I need to accept that I need it for now, and as everything, it's just a phase.

4. A spiritual makeover.
In the past year, I've gotten some striking clarity in what I believe and how I use my beliefs in my every day life. I've learned how to use my faith and certain practices to navigate life in a new, connected sort of way...and I'm constantly reminding my heart to be more intuitive and less analytical. Not to the point that I change who I am - but that I'm not always getting in my own way. I want to study things that have come to mean more to me, and I want to be more intentional, knowledgeable, and refined in my practices.

5. A purpose makeover.
I have been enamored with this idea of purpose - for a long, long time. My senior quote in high school was about purpose, and 15 years later, I felt like I didn't have any more of a grasp on it. I'm coming into more understanding about it now, and I know what I want and how I want it. And this year? I'm setting myself up to let go of the things that aren't serving this purpose, as well as making time to work on it. It's kind of a thrilling feeling, really.

And what would a new year be without a motto?

I know I've already got "Up" leading me this year, and as I mentioned, it's sort of a one word summary of a mantra I chose last year - Live the bigger life. But I've come into something else recently, that seems really silly and maybe even juvenile, but to me, it's a lighthearted way to remind me to practice Aparigraha. And that is...

"You know what? Who cares."

I'm trying to apply it to all the places where I'd normally get tightly wound, or disappointed that something didn't go the way I planned, or facing the negative way someone might view me. Because you know what? We are always exactly where we are meant to be, and every single thing that happens to us in life crafts who we are meant to become. We go through it all to learn the specific things that cause our personal growth and expansion, and that's the whole reason we are here!

What's the point in letting our nervous system get all firey over it?


Here is how all of this translates into my January goals.

1. Start using our family budget and keeping careful details about it.
2. Start honoring my daily morning routine and not tossing it aside because "I don't feel like it."
3. Drop dairy. Much much more on this soon.
4. Read a book on money, a book on spirituality, and a book on astrology.
5. Percolate & Meditate every weekday. More on this coming soon, too!
6. Wrap up my MJ business details & prepare for 2018 business.
7. Blog goals: post every MWF, keep my planned work hours, and get my new series' going.
8. Keep detailed notes on my dreams. More on this eventually, too. ;)
9. Use crystals every day.
10. Focus.

Bonus: Practice yoga 2x-3x a week & start using my diastasis recti dvd.
(I'd like to, but with everything else going on I don't want to hold myself to too much!)

I know number ten is vague, but it's a reminder to be all in on my tasks at hand. Just do what I'm doing, not worrying about what comes next, or what messes or projects are waiting for me. Tunnel vision, baby.

I also have an overall goal to be diligent with our family calendar, but this is going to be a year-long project of checking it and updating it everyday, and sitting down to review it with Matt at the start of each week (probably Sunday nights.) This will also involve actually sticking to the times we'd like to do starting dinner at 4:45, and starting the kids' bedtime routine at 7:45.

Oooh I am so ready for this year!

How about you - what are your goals this month? Or this year?

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