Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Favorites (my first one!!!)

HAPPY Friday, loves.

I'm wishing us all sunshine and coziness and relaxation this weekend! (Fingers crossed.)

Believe it or not, I have never played along with Friday Favorites, so let's get the weekend vibes going and peek at some happy things that are my favorite right now!

I'm doing it Instagram story screenshot style. ;)

+ Black Coffee
I know I've mentioned black coffee like 100 times in my last few posts, but it's a for real major event in my life right now, haha. I never thought I'd truly enjoy it, but I do, and I'm so excited about it.

+ BuzzFeed Ladylike
While scrolling Facebook one day, I stumbled on a video from these ladies (I can't even remember which one it was now...) and loved it so much I went in search of more. They make me laugh every single time, I love it! They do so many different challenges, and it's always silly and entertaining! I love what they stand for and the diversity and honesty within their group.

+ Camp MJC
I have been tagging, matching, and preparing for our new release, and I am loving it SO MUCH! There are so many fun surprises in this release, plus the cutest pieces for the little ladies. There are some great staple pieces for women and tween, too...I can't wait to share them with you! The richness in MJ's colors just gets me all the time. Drool-worthy eye candy!

+ White Nails
For most of the fall and winter I've been going back and forth between black nails and different shades of blue (pret-a-surfer and as if mostly), and all of a sudden I'm super excited about white. I broke out my old bottle of Essie's blanc and it was so thick and ridiculous that my nails looked pretty crazy. I ordered a new bottle that should get here today, yay!

+ Matilda Jane Blankets
I am SO sick of the cold. Like SO sick of it. I'm ready for open windows, mornings on my patio swing, birds, flowers, warm breezes. Sigh. But to ease the blow, I have some reeeally cozy MJ blankets and I couldn't love them more!

+ My Mamas Boys
As exhausting and hard as mom-life can be, I've often been thinking about how this mushy-gushy phase my boys are in right now is just not going to last. They are so wild about me! I can't get enough of heir sweet little voices saying mama, the hugs they give me every day, the tons of spontaneous "I love yous" and the notes they write me during their free time at school. I just love their little lovey hearts!

+ Face Masks
I've been getting in the habit of using a face mask before bed every Sunday. I usually alternate between my Limelight mask, and then some the Yes To brand, or another natural one from Target...brand name is escaping me at the moment! My skin is definitely showing progress since I've been more diligent about weekly masks! I'm hooked!

+ Buttermint Tea
I am a super-picky tea drinker, and I'm pretty particular about what types of flavors are in my tea. I saw an ad for some new flavors from Twinings in a magazine and got super excited about this one. Luckily my grocery store had it (and it was on sale!) so I grabbed it...and I loooove iiiit! I've been having a cup before bed a few nights a week and it's totally my new favorite.

Sorry for scaring you with that face mask picture. ;)

I'm linking up with Friday Favorites today! Here, here, and here.

Have a beautiful weekend! xo

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  1. I am all about the face masks! When Kohl's gets a 40% coupon I usually stock up because I can get them for less than a dollar a piece!

    1. Ooh, good to know, I'll have to see what they've got!!

  2. I love a good charcoal mask. I haven't found much love for the gel masks or paper masks. Oh, and Lush cleansers and masks like my word so heavenly.

    1. The charcoal paper mask was really good, actually!! You should try it! It's the Yes to was great!