Monday, January 29, 2018

Day In The Life: January

It's been a couple months, but it's time for another Day In The Life! I tried to make them happen in both November & December, but never got through a whole day without wanting to just sit down and do nothing! haha They were exhausting months!

But here's some fun news - this year, my DITL posts will be part of a linkup with Julie from Fall Into Life! On the last Monday of each month, we'll be sharing a glimpse into what our daily lives are like! What I think is kind of cool, too, is that Julie and I are in different phases of life, but we still have a lot in common. So it'll be fun to see how different our days are from each others!

DITL with Jenn & Julie

We'd love to see a day in YOUR life, and you can link to your post below!

The day I tracked this month was January 16th, and I chose it because it was a little different than my actual usual. I'm going to try some fun, "special" days to throw in this year so they don't all look the same!! Matt was out of town for work, so I was solo-parenting and extra busy! Here's how it went down...

My alarm went off EARLY this day, and I was awake a little before 5am. That is nooot normal for me! haha I spent a little time waking up by checking into things on my phone. I didn't remember to take a screenshot until I'd been awake for 10 mins or so!

I dragged myself out of bed, went to the bathroom, let Galli out, fed all the animals, and brewed coffee. While I waited for it, I decided I should probably feed myself early since I probably wouldn't have time to later. I toasted some frozen fixate oatmeal pancakes and had them with peanut butter and bananas, along with a frozen energy ball. (I've been into freezing anything remotely healthy, lately! Keeps me from having to do TONS of cooking ALL the time!)

This might seem backwards, but I went back to bed - haha. Really I just like the soft lighting and the cozy blankets for my morning practice. I like to call it Percolate & Meditate...but basically I drink coffee, listen to Abraham Hicks videos while I eat, and then I read something inspiring and journal afterwards. I was very sure to do this every morning Matt was gone because I knew I'd NEED it!! I got some good, energizing crystals in on my morning practice this week, too.

Checked my bank account quickly, scheduled a payment, and checked my Matilda Jane accounts.

Made it back to the kitchen, and started packing lunches for the big kids. They were wildly excited to have leftover cookie cake as their lunch treat (as they had instructed me to do the night before!)  I also packed folders, boots and hats, thermoses, and snacks for the kids. Luke woke up crying in the middle of this because he missed his Dad, so I took a few minutes for hugs and reassurance, and then told him to go lie in my bed while he waited for me to finish up.

With the boys things ready for school, I picked out my outfit while talking to Luke, then got dressed and went to the bathroom to do my makeup while listening to more Abraham Hicks. Luke came in after a while, and we talked while I got ready.

Woke up the little boys and got them all breakfast. While they ate, I went to the bathroom, styled my hair, and put my jewelry on. I thought I was doing pretty well so far, but looking at this picture I look SO tired and a little like I'm holding in how frazzled I am! lol

The boys clothes had already been put out the night before, so the big boys got dressed and I helped Jake get dressed. When everyone was changed, I started the van to get it warmed up, and then took turns styling each of the boys' hair. As each one finished, they'd go put their shoes, coats, and gloves on.

We were loaded up and out the door! The drop off line at school is pretty unpredictable, even if you're early, so it wasn't a huge surprise to see a line down the street. But since we were early (the boys start at 8:15 and their school is a 3 minute drive, so we had time), we were just talking and enjoying the extra time together. There was a plow stuck in line with us, and he kept bumping garbage cans that were on the side of the road as we inched forward, which made for lots of little boy laughter!

Jake and I were back at home after dropping off the big boys. I decided to shovel a little (we'd gotten an inch or two overnight) just to make walking to and from the van a little easier, then I sat and read Jake's school book with him, fixed up his hair, let Galli out, and then we left to take him to school.

You guys. This is the most on time I've been to dropping Jake of at school ALL YEAR. Including the first day of school, lol! Normally I have such a rush between getting the big boys out the door and leaving for Jake's drop off, and I can never quite fit it all into those 50 minutes we have. Not this morning!! It was great.

With Jake dropped off, I went to the post office to deliver lots of packages from my most recent round of sample sales. Because it was so early, the line was short and moved quickly, so I sat in the van and texted a friend for a few minutes.

Next I went to the grocery store and shopped in less than an hour (craziness for me most weeks), went home, brought our garbage cans in and the neighbor's (Matt usually takes care of hers for her), then unloaded and put all the groceries away.

By then, I was dyyying for a snack! I had vegan cream cheese (the Daiya brand is really good!) with peppered cranberry jam on some gluten free crackers. So good! I played around on my phone while I ate them, and then left to pick up Jake.

After picking up Jake, we came back home and made lunch. I had some raspberries, and then some leftover salad from the night before that I added some extra stuff to. My dressing lately has been a reeeeally good quality aged balsamic vinegar with some salt & pepper (no oil.) Obsessed! Jake's lunch had a yogurt, a peanut butter sandwich, some raspberries, and some chips. After eating, I started a load of laundry, and then made a new pot of coffee. I was just SO TIRED...can you believe what a long day it had already been?! And then I ruined my healthy lunch by having a big slice of leftover cookie cake with my cup of coffee. At least the cookie cake was homemade and gluten and dairy free?? :)

I was texting with my fellow room mom during my lunch dessert (it's a thing!) about a raffle basket we had to put together for a school event. The snow and wind were picking up quite a bit at this point, too. I left to pick up the boys, and brought a book along to read (this one was super cute!) Thankfully my room mom in crime came and grabbed all of the basket supplies from my van at pickup and took them to put the basket together for us!

With all the boys home, I gave them all a quick snack and had them get their homework done. While they worked, I decided to organize and inventory the freezer. It has just been in the back of my mind for too long! Of course it ended up taking so long (and my fingers were SO frozen) that by the time I'd finished, the boys had already moved on to watching TV. I was on a roll, though, so I did the floor of the pantry, too.

I was pretty over doing any sort of work at this point, so I sat down and did pretty much nothiiiiing for a good hour plus. Ooops?

I watched Disney vlogs from Adventures With Extra Magic (my fav) while I made dinner - which was breakfast dinner. Matt doesn't love breakfast for dinner so we always make it when he's traveling.  The boys fed the animals dinner for me, and then ran around and played while they waited to eat. And then, of course, we all ate together.

After dinner, I did a bunch of dishes, cleaned up dinner, and prepped their lunchboxes and backpacks for the next day while watching more Disney vlogs. The boys went back to playing and mess-making! ;)

I had them all clean up whatever they were doing, get in their pj's, and sit down for book time. Before they got to the actual reading, though, they piled themselves up like this and asked me to take a picture for their Dad to see. So cute!

Books, snacks, Luke's probiotics, and teeth brushing were done, so I had Luke call Matt and they Facetimed for a while before bed. The boys took my phone into their beds with them and took turns pretending to hug and kiss their Dad goodnight. Love technology for stuff like that!!!

Kiddos were tucked in! Whoo hoo! I talked to Matt a bit longer, but he was actually ready to go to bed (yes, by 8pm!!) because he'd gotten up at 3:30 in order to make his flight out of Buffalo that morning. So we chatted for a little, and then said our goodnights. I took a screenshot...but you could see how half asleep he was and he'd kill me! lol

With my house finally quiet, I decided to pamper myself a little, and went to do a facemask. OH MAN did this baby burn, but it worked amaaaazingly! I ended up really loving it. I also brushed my teeth and hair, and made sure I was ready to just go to bed!

It had been a loooong day, but with the boys in bed pretty early, and a little time spent on myself, I was ready to just settle into my bed with my book and read until I couldn't stay awake anymore. Which is exaaactly what I did!

This is the last time I looked at my phone when my eyes had gotten too heavy to keep reading, and I swear I was asleep in seconds after this. I didn't even process that I should screenshot my phone or take a final picture...I was donnnnne lol.

And THAT was my day!

Though my life always seems to be crazy and filled with sprawling to do lists, it's really kind of fun to track days for DITL and to look back and remember what life felt like in different seasons. Want to join Julie and I?? Track a day, write your post, and link it up below! We'll see you in February, on the last Monday of the month! xo

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  1. Happy link-up day! I love your post, and your boys are precious! So glad to be doing this link-up with you!

    1. Yay, me too, friend!! And thank you!!! They are my little loves!! <3

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