Monday, January 22, 2018

Currently January

Current Book(s)
What Light by Jay Asher
God Listens by Lorene Hanley Duquin
Love, Life and the List by Kasie West
Meet & Work With Spirit Guides by Ted Andrews (currently reading)
Beautiful Money by Leanne Jacobs (currently reading)

Current Music
This is allllllways in my head!

Current Focuses
-Dropping dairy
-Getting through winter
-Gearing up for Matilda Jane's new season - whoo hooo!

Current Random Happenings
-Lukey J turned 9 last week, and I can't even believe it.

-Matt traveled for work last week, to a warmer climate where they are not accustomed to getting much snow. It snowed a few inches while he was there, so they shut down the city, and he spent most of his time there just hanging out in his hotel room (while I was going nuts solo-parenting thankyouverymuch!). Thankfully he was able to get an earlier flight home. The hilarious part? We got more snow here while he was gone than they did...and life went on as normal, lol.

-I learned how to drink black coffee! It was a 25 year process to get here, guys. No joke! Two and a half decades. Am I a real adult now? ;)

Current Guilty Pleasure
Drinking more coffee because I've been convincing myself that now that it's dairy free it's healthier. And General Hospital.

Current Celebrity Crush
I just don't have a creative answer for It's the same as all the other months!

Current Nail Color
Essie's Blanc

Current Outfit
Lots of Andersen Sandy Pants & Mindy Mae's Market DoubleHoods
It's that time of year!

Current Slang

Current Drink
Black Coffee! For real, I never thought I would enjoy it!
(Read my post about Vegan Creamers & coffee preferences from last week!)

Current Food
Anything with peanut butter

Current TV Show
General Hospital. Also finishing up re-watching the Gilmore Girls revival (for the 3rd or 4th time?)

Current App
ABC (to watch GH), Netflix (to watch GG), YouTube (to watch...well, a lot), and Instagram

Current Pastime
Reading about astrology, spirituality, and crystals

Current Wish List
-purple plates. These are so intriguing to me! (my mom actually ordered me one, woo!)
-this adorable green colander.
-like 5 or 6 things from MJ's new February line (wait til you see it!!!)
-Limelight's blush in the color Blushing
-more Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal Paper Masks (I used one last week and it burned at first, but it was SO GOOD. Also, the price on that link is not a good price...I got mine on for $2.99...that set has 6 of them, but they come out to $4.14ea)

Current Needs
Some more quiet time. I'm pretty sensitive to lots of noise, and I'm surrounded by it allll the time.

Current Bane of My Existence
Meal Planning, subzero temperatures, pta stuff (my brain just doesn't want to function with it anymore lol)

Current Quote

"Living the life that cries to be lived from the depth of our being frees up a lot of energy and vitality. The juices flow. Everyone around us benefits from the aliveness that we feel. On the other hand, suppressing that life, for whatever reason, takes a lot of our life energy just in the managing of the pretending." -Deborah Adele

Current Picture

Current Blessing
I am really thankful to have done as much self discovery and spiritual research as I have over the past year or so. I have such a better understanding of life, and of myself, and my roles, dreams, and desires...and I wouldn't trade that for anything. It's gold!

Current Excitement
Matilda Jane's Spring season!!! My trunk gets here TOMORROW! Btw, if you haven't heard yet...the name of the new season is Camp MJC, and it looks to be full of pastels, vintage styles, lots of nature and adventure prints and themes, all with a girly twist. I am SO. EXCITED!

Current Mood
Tired. I'm a lot of other things, too, but it's gloomy, rainy, cold, and tired wins.

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  1. You know I love this post! It's so fun to read! I like that nail color!

    1. It's fun to write, too!! I'm feeling the white nail lately...must be all this snow ;)