Wednesday, December 6, 2017

North Pole Breakfast 2017

One of my favorite yearly traditions with the boys is our North Pole Breakfast, which happens (thanks to the boys' elf) on the first weekend of December.

Snowflake Little Bear (the name Luke gave our elf years ago) brings decorations and candy and hot chocolate, and we spend the morning making pancakes and listening to Christmas music while we all sit down together.

Rych Fam North Pole Breakfast

It's such a sweet morning of celebrating and getting into the Christmas spirit as a family! The first year we did this was 2011 - I can't believe this is our 7th year! Time is flying by with these littles of mine. (sniff) I wonder how many years I have left of them enjoying this so much!

Before I start sobbing about my kids childhoods blowing by, here's how our breakfast went this year ;)

It was Sunday morning, and I stepped out of the bathroom to see my littlest standing and staring at the table in awe. He looked up at me, confused, and said, "Is this for breakfast, mom?"  Being the youngest of the bunch, I'm sure he has the least memory of this tradition and what we call it, and he was genuinely confused that our table did not look like this when he went to bed! haha

When I explained it to him he didn't believe me at first - then I read him the letter Snowflake left for them, and he was sold. You could see it register on his face that this was legit - so funny. He rushed off to tell his brothers, who were slowly emerging from their beds, and soon they were each taking their turns being excited and looking at everything Snowflake had brought them.

I LOVE this particular smile of Luke's...I don't know how to describe it other than to say there's a lot more than just happiness behind this smile of his. At this moment, he was telling me that he had prayed the night before that Snowflake would bring the North Pole Breakfast in the morning and he was in awe that it came true. How sweet is that?! I hadn't even mentioned to them when we'd be doing it...he just sort of remembers the timing of it each year, and decided to put a little faith in a prayer! So, so sweet!

Henry also took a minute to adjust the countdown for the day! (Don't worry, he's standing on a chair...not climbing the bookshelf! lol)

Our elf only really does two big things (other than moving around the house at night)...the North Pole Breakfast, and then a Christmas Eve box, which he delivers on the morning of Christmas Eve. He's not a wildly creative or mischievous elf, and we like him that way. ;)

So our breakfast is pretty simple - themed place setting stuff from the dollar store, candy canes, red and green candies, fruit, and he always brings along a box of pancake mix for us to use!

You guys, lol....I try to keep my blog pretty PG/family friendly, but I am DYING over this picture! I totally didn't realize how suggestive it looked until I was writing this post. Snowflake was holding the evidence of writing his letter in a very immature boy humor sort of And honestly, in real life...I share that sense of humor lol.

Our breakfast had gluten free chocolate chip pancakes, sausage (a favorite of the boys but a special occasion only food in our house), fruit arranged in a candy cane (apple and banana slices), hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows, candy canes, and some red and green hershey kisses and m&ms.

We had a couple of special guests at our breakfast this year, too, and of course Henry was a gracious host and shared with them!

There were smiles and silliness all around the table, and a few pancakes topped with candies. A few may have made it into the hot cocoas, too.

Plz ignore the hair from outer space. ;)

I LOVE how Jake's eyes look green in that photo against his jammies! Matt's eyes are green (not like slightly green, but green-green) and we don't have any green eyed kids. This picture is the closest I've ever seen!!

We had another great year with Snowflake and his treats! We're totally in the Christmas spirit now, and ready for some more family celebrations!

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  1. Cute idea! Hey, I'd love to see some posts of yours giving advice on the basics of starting to eat healthy. I really could use those tips especially since January is a big time start right month. lol! :)

    1. That is a great idea! I will put that on the calendar!! :)

  2. I love your children's faces! Priceless!

    1. Thank you! <3 Yeah, that for sure makes it alllll worth it!! :)

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