Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Currently December

Current Book(s)
Decked With Holly by Marni Bates
Cute, indulgent story, but the cover and the title are the only Christmasy things about this entire book!
Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle
LOVING this one so far! There's 3 short stories by 3 different authors, but they all occur during the same snowstorm in the same town, and the characters either know each other or bump into each other during their own stories. The love stories are cute and cozy and realistic, and I love call backs like this...such a good one!

Current Music

Current Focuses
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas (basically)

Current Random Happenings
So Jake is relentless about snacks, and ever since we've had Christmas cookies in the house he's been even more relentless about asking for them. To put him off (so he's not eating every 10 minutes) I usually say "let's add that to your lunch" when he asks for things. One day recently, he was INSISTING that it was lunch time and that the clock said so (it was 10am.) I came out to the living room, and he had taken the back off of our clock and adjusted the time hoping I'd be fooled into thinking it was lunch time! haha

Current Guilty Pleasure
Cheesy YA Christmas Romances. Yes, pleeeease.
Plus the occasional Hallmark Christmas movie still.

Current Celebrity Crush
Hook. I miss him! But OUAT isn't the same...I can't get into this new version. Sad face.

Current Nail Color
Lately it's been Essie's Licorice over and over again, but sometimes with either a glitter accent nail or glitter ontop of all of them (which I use Essie's Set In Stones for.)

Current Outfit
Well, I'm in pj's at the moment (leggings & MJ's Catch a Dream Pajama Top), but I'm ALL about the festive outfits right now! I've been playing a little 12 days of outfits thing in my MJ group, challenging everyone to wear something festive on those days. It's been so fun to make sure there's something that says holiday in all of my outfits...I'll share them all soon!

Current Slang
Extra. And Son of a Nutcracker! (My fav is when my 4 year old says it)

Current Drink
Coffeeeee. Although I've been into a lot of teas lately, too...Bigelow's Peppermint Bark, Twining's English Breakfast and Christmas Tea.

Current Food
Peanut butter kisses? lol

Current TV Show
General Hospital. You know....I watched that show from 1992-2016 religiously. I mean GH time was scheduled into my day M-F without fail. I took 2017 off (until recently), and I'm SO GLAD it's back in my life. Silly? Maybe. But I've been watching so long that many of the characters feel like extended family! It's so familiar it's almost comforting in its ridiculousness. I named 2 of my kids after the show and the first dance song at my wedding came from GH, you guys. I did not mess around lol.

Current App
I guess I'd have to say Instagram. Love me some stories.

Current Pastime
I don't have much of a pastime lately...wrapping presents maybe? Reading when I can. Watching Christmas movies (usually while wrapping presents.)

Current Wish List
Ohhh man, my Christmas list ended up being looong. Let's see if I can sum it up.

-Lots of makeup and cleansers from Limelight by Alcone (I'm in serious love)
-A ton of crystals and woo-woo goodies from Hollie Stark & The Sage Goddess
-An Instant Pot & an immersion blender
-Some housey things (like this wall art, this tray, these bud vases, and this bathroom jar set)
-These shoes (I have them in grey but must have in rose gold!)
-Some fun additions to my wardrobe (like this hat, and this hoodie)
-A little nerd jewelry (like this ring and this bracelet from Alex & Ani)
-Some other lame domesticy stuff, like a new broom and dust pan & good quality balsamic vinegar
-Hair ties, chapstick & emery boards, because duhhh
-I would have asked for MJ if I hadn't already bought everything I wanted this season #oops

Current Needs
My voice. I've had a cold this week (inherited from my lovely boys) and my voice keeps going in and out. When I don't use it for a bit, I have to warm it back up. So annooooyiiing.

Current Bane of My Existence
Meal planning, wrapping presents, keeping my house clean.

Current Quote
"We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?"
-The 11th Doctor (Doctor Who)

Getting exciiiiiited for the Christmas episode! I forget about it every year, and then the little preview records on my DVR and I realize we get to end Christmas night with the Doctor and it's like a little surprise gift every. single. year. I still think the year with all the doctors together was the best one.

Current Picture

I love all of these goobers!

Current Blessing
This whole season. The magic of it...the excitement, the effortless happiness, the smiles and happiness, the memories, the movies and books and treats. All of it. Christmas is my happy place.

Current Excitement
And also? The new year. I'm jazzed for a year like none other.

Current Mood
Excited, determined, motivated, inspired, #blessed.

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