Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Home Tour

For whatever reason (probably 5,000 plans and projects) decorating happened in waves this year.

The tree went up 2 weeks early. The rest of the lights, garlands, and stockings went up black friday weekend. Wreaths and new welcome mats were swapped out a week later, and I finally decorated my hutch a handful of days after that. I dragged an extra box up the stairs and sprinkled finishing touches the next week, and I tucked evergreen branches in various places after we picked out the tree for my in-law's house.

I didn't have it in me to marathon all the decor at once! It was kind of nice...having fun with decorating many times. But now that Christmas is so close, it feels kind of sad that it'll all be getting packed away again in no time!

So's taken me a long time to get it all out and photographed, and some things are still just so-so, but here's what our home looks like this season, anyway!

This is actually a recycled photo from my Thanksgivingmas decor...I'll show you some of the things that were swapped out in a second. But, with three rowdy boys and an energetic dog in the house, the garlands have slipped at least 20 times, and ornaments have been knocked off and haphazardly stuffed back into (not on, mind you) the tree. So it's best if I show you what it looked like before, lol.

I added an extra Christmasy pillow, a santa runner to the sidetable, and swapped out the picture and candle, and added a little glittery tree (from the one spot at Target).

I also finally got around to putting the garland up around our gallery wall. (That bottom left picture of Henry is ALWAYS getting knocked out of alignment and it drives me bonkers!!)

Not a glamorous set-up, but we love our music in this house, so a subwoofer makes a great stand for my fiber optic church! haha

Whenever we go on vacation, I always make a point to get an ornament so that I can write the date on it and remember our travels. I also love to get new monogram ornaments. This doesn't count the ornaments I give the boys each year (which they open on the morning of Christmas Eve), but we collected some great new ones this year.

We went to Toronto in February and had SO much fun! The kids got a taste of urban life, the hotel experience, and conquered the CN Tower (including looking down on all the ant-sized people below!) I can't believe I didn't blog about that trip...I'm still going to when I have the chance!!

We also visited the Ripley's Aquarium while we were there and got this little guy in the gift shop.

Matt and I got this one on our 10 year anniversary trip this summer...SUCH an amazing trip!!

And a new monogram to add to the collection...I grabbed this when the Christmas stuff first hit the one spot at Target, and they never restocked! This was one of the things people were going crazy about in the Bullseye's Playground group I'm in on FB (yes, that exists! lol)

The TV stand is next to the tree, and this year I grabbed a new garland and some battery operated lights to fill the sound bar space. I also put my nativity up in here...I tried to set it up on my hutch, and on a sidetable, and I just couldn't get it arranged right. I'm happy with it here! This set belonged to my Grandma, and I believe she got it in Italy on her many many travels...if you flip them over, there's green felt with a stamp that just reads "Italy".

I also added some Christmas scented candles to the side of the TV, and my Hearth & Hand sugar bowl, which is actually filled with Christmas candy. The only time I'll put actual sugar in it is when we are entertaining...Matt and I don't put sugar in our coffee or tea. But I think it's perfectly fitting to hold candy!

The other side of the living room has this little set up....please ignore the magenta sharpie on the sidetable. I have magic eraser-ed the crap out of it and can't get it to come off. I'm going to repaint that anyway (when it's not 12 degrees outside) and replace the hardware, so I just try to ignore it for now, lol.

The buffalo check bucket holds the advent (Christmas) books the kids have unwrapped so far. The glass church changes colors, and it used to belong to my Grandma.

Those little gold angels were in a box of hold ornaments I inherited from my Grandma, also. There was a set of them, and while I was going through the box I kept running into them over and over again. I felt the strangest urge to put them out somewhere, so they ended up on this shelf...I love how playful they are! (And yes, I know one of my frames is missing a's one of those things that is so common I never think to order a print for it. #newyearsresolution)

So, finally heading out of the living room and into the dining room....

I kept my table super super simple with a placemat from the one spot, a pillar candle with its own little wreath, and a tree scented candle.

My hutch gave me a lot of grief this year. I don't know why...I just arranged it over and over and over again, not loving it, and I still feel like it's missing something but got sick of messing with it!!

On the right side I put out a little tree I'd found at a garage sale a couple years ago and added some battery powered lights to. It used to go in my boys' room (but they don't have dressers in there anymore, or really anywhere to put it!), so it lived in my office until I decided to steal it because my hutch needed height!

I also put out my Christmas scentsy warmer, and a little ceramic snowman that belonged to my Grandma. In the front of it all is a table runner from Target's one spot in the same pattern as the placemat on my table.

On the left is a bouquet of artificial poinsettias in the same milk glass vase I used for Thanksgiving, another little tart warmer and candle, and a framed print that I downloaded HERE.

Next to the hutch is this little tree and fireplace heater. I've since added a little topper to the tree and fluffed it up a little better, but don't have a newer picture of it.

I also got this tree at a garage sale for $'s missing a stand, so it actually sits in an old tin. I usually wrap it with some sort of blanket. This year my mom gave me this buffalo check tree skirt which is obviously meant for a full sized tree, but ours was already out and holding presents, so I tucked it around this one.

I replaced my little clipboard sign with a printable from HERE that I sized down to 4x6.

Also in our dining room is our big bookshelf which holds some of our favorite series, cookbooks, and family scrapbooks, as well as the kids' puzzle collection. I add little things to it here and there for certain holidays. Can you spot my two St. Joseph statues? They are the ones from my stories that were published!!

The Santa was my Grandma's, the snow globe was a cute little purchase Matt and I made for our first Christmas together that no longer works, but I always put out anyway just because. And that candle is simple, but my MIL got it for me on black friday, after my first Thanksgiving with Matt. We were living together in our apartment already and she'd come to visit, and it was just a sweet gesture.

Also, see the elephant? Haha It's a polish tradition to have an elephant pointing towards your front door for good luck.

I didn't photo much of the kitchen...likely because I haven't been able to keep it super clean since we've been so busy! haha But here is our sink this year...which I shared last week in a roundup of all of my sinks this year, if you didn't see it!

Both of the little trees are from Target's one spot...the one on the left is from last year, the one on the right from this year. They both of a string of battery powered LED lights on them...and you guys, I cannot figure out how to work these things well! The wires all over the place drive me nuts! lol But I don't notice them at night when my little trees are glowing.

The tiny ornaments on the trees are from Target, I found the glass tree thrifting, and the tiny ornaments in that one I found at a garage sale. The soaps I ordered from (you'll get $10 if you sign up with that link!!)

My little birdie came back out, and I tied her twine Christmas ribbon on. The branches are from my in-law's tree, and I added a little bow from a set of mini-bows from the dollar store.

And finally, I added a few little things to my bathroom.

The felt Christmas light garland is from Target last year...I actually cut it in half and the other half hangs above my TV (didn't get a good picture of it), the wreaths are extras from the ones I hung on the cabinets in my kitchen, and the little tart warmer has snowflake cut outs - I got it from a garage sale for $2 a couple years ago. The candles were gifts, and the soap is also from!

And that's really it! I have a few little things in my office and bedroom, but that's most of what you see if you'd stop by to see me! :)

We are busy baking, wrapping, cleaning, and getting ready for lots of celebrations - I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful season where you are! xo

- - -

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