Monday, December 11, 2017

A Year Of Sinks

Over the years, while trying to embrace the decorating and celebrating of my little cottage-y feeling ranch, I've grown a special appreciation for decorating my sink. I always wanted a window over my kitchen sink, overlooking the yard (I did have that in our Charlotte house), so to kind of embrace what I've got, I've decided to dress it up for the seasons.

I could kick myself for forgetting to take one of my summer/4th of July sink....I can see it in the background of many other photos from the summer, but not one of the entire thing. GIR! So...that one is missing from this collection, but oh well! I will remember in 2018! ;)

Here's how I dressed up my kitchen sink over the past year....

Christmas 2016

I had a lot of fun putting this shabby chic Christmas sink together last year!
I loved the mix of Christmas greens with pinks and yellows and the little
crochet bells. This sink made me happy all season!

(Here's the rest of our decorations from last year!)

Spring 2017

At this point in the year, I was so ready for some bright, cheery colors and new
blooms! I painted the flower pots and filled them with herb seeds and picked
a big bunch of striped squill from the front yard. Winter takes the slow road
out of Buffalo, so these pastels and early sprouts helped!

Back to School 2017

I looooved this sink! I borrowed some of the pieces from my summer sink (wah!)
and added in lots of colorful touches for the new school year. The start of the
school year is usually a stressful time, so anything to add a little happiness!
(Here's the rest of our BTS decor from this year!)

Fall/Halloween 2017

Yay for fall! I love when fall creeps in, and this sink is so exciting to me!
I replaced my little white birdy on the shelf for the first time (with a squirrel
pepper shaker I found on clearance!) and I totally want to find other little
dudes to swap out up there now. My little bird is actually a taper holder.
I made the twine pumpkin sitting next to him, and everything else came
from either the dollar store, or the one spot at Target. These sinks usually
cost less than $10, which is totally worth it to me!
(Here's the rest of our fall decor from this year!)

Thanksgiving 2017

Okay, so not much changed here from my Halloween sink, but it was super fun
to think of how to update it just a little bit to be more fall harvest and
Thanksgiving-y without changing very much. I just swapped out the tree, changed
the word on the chalkboard, added in a pie pumpkin, and updated the dish soap.
(Here's the rest of our Thanksgivingmas decor from this year!)

Christmas 2017

Though there are some similarities and re-used pieces, this year's sink looks quite
a bit different from last year's! I went with kind of a Christmas tree farm theme.
I wish I had gotten that fresh cut trees sign from the dollar spot!! (You all know
what I'm talking about, right? That thing was HOT! Oh, you're not in a FB group
for people obsessed with Bullseye's Playground? Just me? lol)
Stay tuned for the rest of our Christmas decor this year!!

Do you decorate your sink? Or do you have a special place that gets dressed up with the changing seasons and holidays? I love focusing on this space each time I decorate because, who likes dishes? No're lying if you said you do. This makes it juuuuust a little more pleasant!

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