Thursday, December 28, 2017

12 Days of Holiday Outfits!

Earlier this month, I issued a challenge to my Matilda Jane VIP group - to put together 12 festive, holiday outfits leading up to Christmas! I left the rules pretty loose...participants didn't have to be in MJ and outfits didn't need to feature any actual Christmasy things. Anything red, green, sparkly, plaid, or generally festive counted!

I wanted to make sure that I actually had enough outfits myself to make this happen, so I went through my closet and wrote down pieces that would work, and then plotted out what outfits would work best for what was going on during those 12 days. I made a few adjustments as I went along, but for the most part - having things pre-planned made the crazy days leading up to Christmas a little more easy and exciting! I knew exactly which laundry to have done, didn't end up with 15 wasted minutes standing in my closet saying "what the heck should I wear", and I put some older pieces to good use!

So not only was this a fun little addition to my holiday celebrations...I kind of love what it did for me in an organizational way. I might even do many more of these! But before I get ahead of myself....

Here's my 12 Outfits!

Day 1
Matilda Jane Notion Sandy Pants*
Black Old Navy Long Sleeve Tee
Plaid Blanket Scarf (this one)
Boots are Target (2 years ago)

*This and a few other Matilda Jane links are currently listed on our clearance page called Good Luck Trunk. They will only be listed until Jan 7th, or until supplies run out - sorry if this link is broken by the time you see it!! :)

Day 2
Eddie Bauer plaid top (years ago)
Matilda Jane Aspen Skater Skirt
Matilda Jane (sparkle!) Skating Away Sandy Pants
Booties are Target (2 years ago)

Day 3
Old Navy Buffalo Check Shirt
Bow Headband from Target's one spot
Jeans & Boots not pictured ;)

Day 4
Matilda Jane Andersen Sandy Pants
Matilda Jane 'Tis The Season Top

Day 5
Mindy Mae's Market Winter Wonderland DoubleHood (on sale!)
American Eagle Jeans
Old Navy Cozy Socks

Day 6
Matilda Jane Dot Your I's Dress
Matilda Jane (sparkle) Skating Away Sandy Pants
Matilda Jane Clotted Cream Sweater
Boots are Target (2 years ago)

Day 7
Buffalo Plaid Cardi from Target (3 years ago)
Old Navy Black Cold Shoulder Top
American Eagle Jeans
Boots are Target (2 years ago)

Day 8
Matilda Jane Andersen Sandy Pants
White Long Sleeve from Target
Mean Girls Tee from Target (1 or 2 years ago?)

Day 9
Matilda Jane Mistletoe Magic Tunic
Matilda Jane All Is Calm Jacket
American Eagle Jeans

Day 10
Green Cable Knit Sweater from Target (last year)
Old Navy Buffalo Check Shirt
American Eagle Jeans
Headband from Target One Spot

Day 11
Matilda Jane My Miracle Sweater
Matilda Jane (sparkle!) Skating Away Sandy Pants
Santa Socks from years ago!
(I know they don't match well, but had to get them in!!)

Day 12
Matilda Jane T'was The Night Dress
Matilda Jane (sparkle!) Skating Away Sandy Pants
Matilda Jane Dark As Night Sweater
Old Navy Cozy Socks

Christmas Day!
Bonus Christmas Jammies Outfit ;)
Matilda Jane Andersen Sandy Pants
Old Navy Buffalo Check Thermal
Old Navy Buffalo Check Socks
(These socks are a different pair I found on Black Friday...not their chenille cozy socks, but more of a knit with a fluffy white fold over cuff on the top! These were my favs!!)

Yay for fun holiday outfits! I had way too much fun with this, ya know. Stay tuned for future challenges you can get in on.....there may even be a prize in store! :)

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