Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thanksgivingmas Decor

Our schedule is a little bit out of control this November, so our traditional timing of holiday celebrations has been a liiiiittle bit adjusted. Including switching out our Halloween/Fall decor for something I like to call Thanksgivingmas decor. Yep.

Those holidays tend to blend together as sort of one big mashup of holiday cheer, anyway, right? Thanksgivingmas. My favorite.

The tree is always the most time consuming of projects, so I decided to put it up two weekends earlier than we normally do! It was seriously the only time I could see in the near future, and there was no way I was going to make it to Black Friday weekend without my tree up! The rest of the decor has to wait until after we host Thanksgiving, but that's totally fine with me...Thanksgivingmas is my favorite!

Here's what it ended up looking like!

I got the candle & wire pumpkin on clearance at Target (about $4 or $5 each.)
I found the glass pumpkin for $2 thrifting a few years ago and filled it with a Dollar Tree
leaf garland. And the mum and bouquet are both from Trader Joe's.

You know me and my letter boards ;)
And the candle is from Hearth & Hand. Scarecrow is from Dollar Tree.
Henry made the flowers in preschool, and the wax warmer is Scentsy.

I got that print from here.
The ceramic pumpkin is a candle from
Bath & Body Works circa 2005.
The milk glass vase was thrifted & gifted to me.

That print is from here (so cute, right??)

I got this bucket for $3 from the one spot at Target
and used it to hold our Thanksgiving books for the month.

Looove! My fav corner of the room.
The blanket is this one from Kohl's (got it for $7 and change!)
and the pillow & pillow cover are from Amazon.

The pillow was gifted to me, it came from Pier 1 or
Home Goods or something like that!

The tiny hay bale & burlap pumpkin are from Dollar Tree.
The ceramic pumpkins, candy corn block, and tiny tree are from Target's one spot.
And I love me some Mrs. Meyers seasonal soaps! (I usually get mine from Grove.co)

I got this little printable here and sized it down to a 4x6.

I love this mix of Thanksgiving and Christmas we've got going on! It's kind of extra-exciting somehow? I can't explain why...maybe the excitement of fall giving way to the Christmas season, but I'm just loving it!!

- - -

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  1. Awww what a sweet living room. I feel like we have a lot in common. I love that bunting in the kitchen - looks like Pioneer Woman. And I have a birdcage that I'm not sure what to do with yet. :)

    1. Thank you, I made that!! When we remodeled our kitchen I wanted it to have floral shabby chic feel, and I made a couple of those garlands - there's another one just like it going across our back doorway. And that birdcage? I have no idea what made me buy that years ago, but it just floats around and ends up in decor every now and then!! lol