Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Ya know, I'm totally ready to flip into Christmas mode. There are two types of holiday-ers, and I fall firmly in the Elf camp. Sorry if you are the other, we can still be friends but I might drive you a little crazy ;)

Before we get there, though, I wanted to wrap up Halloween and share how we celebrated this year.

First, I went to the boys school early to help Henry's class get ready for their parade and party. It was a cooold parade, but the following party was a lot of fun. I don't want to share too many pictures because there's a lot of little faces in there, but here's one of H enjoying his snack.

Matt and I are both room parents for Henry, and while it was super fun to be there celebrating and getting to know his friends, H was really emotional when it was time for us to leave. He had one of his patented breakdowns (the kid is the most go with the flow ever but like 4 times a year he throws one of these and there's absolutely nothing you can do to get him out of it.) I ended up telling him I'd go to his special with him, which was Library...and since I already help out there often, I just stayed and pitched in. It worked out, actually, because it meant I was still at school to pop into Luke's party and say hi before rushing off to pick Jake up from school. (Why yes it was a wild and crazy day.)

After lots of errands and packing up and picking the boys up, we set out for my friend's house where we've been trick or treating for the past three years, now. Our neighborhood doesn't have sidewalks or trick or treaters, so we borrow theirs. And it's a blast every year!!

Henry went as his favorite food, Luke was Dan TDM & Jake was Captain Underpants!
Our friends were George Washington & a character from a book series I can't remember!!

They needed a little break! haha

When we got back to their house, everyone was tired, cold, and begging for water. After some hydration and sifting through their loot for a bit, they ran off to play and didn't have any desire to head home for bed! It was a chore getting everyone home and settled down, because as usual, it was a blast!

Hope you all had a fun and safe holiday, too! xo

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  1. That is such a lovely place. I would love to go there and take a walk. It feels so fresh just by looking at it in pictures.