Friday, November 24, 2017

Fall Lake Trip 2017

I totally planned on writing a Black Friday post for today, but life had other plans!

Between hosting Thanksgiving, keeping up with school stuff, a weekend trip, prepping a Black Friday sale of my own, and making plans for shopping everyone else's deals...I just had no time for it! So I will simply mention that my VIP group for Matilda Jane is where you can find all of my goodies and deals, and I'd love-love to have you there if you'd like to join me!

And so for today, I thought I'd share some quick details from our recent weekend away.

It's somewhat of a yearly tradition for us to take a weekend trip to "the lake" in the fall. (The lake being my in-laws' cottage in the Finger Lakes.) It's been a couple of years since we were able to pull this specific Fall trip together, so we were extra excited to plan it again this year!

Admittedly, we were busy watching Christmas movies, reading books, and cooking yummy things for me to take very many pictures, but I did grab some of the cousins having a good time!

These two snuck some extra ipad time on the stairs together!

While these two goofballs shared a recliner and some cucumbers before dinner.

Old main in training!

Saturday night was the night the we were all there together,
so we planned a big taco free-for-all for dinner.

After dinner, my mom brought out her yearly first gift of Christmas. She usually gives each of her grandkids a pair of Christmas pj's to wear during the season after Thanksgiving dinner. She traveled this year, so knowing she wouldn't be around to gift them, she gave them out at the lake. They were pretty excited! (Luke's face...hilarous!)

And then of course, we tortured them with cousin Christmas pj pictures! First by age, and then by pattern. It took a loooot of silly outtakes!

Here's the winner!

After dinner, the crew headed downstairs to play some games. My niece drew some signs to entice us to join them...haha!

We went to bed somewhat early this night, actually, which was nice. Luke stayed up with my sister watching some Christmas movies, and Matt and I had time to read. Free reading time is always such a treat!!

The next morning, we made a big family breakfast with gluten free pancakes, sausage, hash, and scrambled eggs. The kids all had theirs with hot chocolate, which was probably the highlight!

After breakfast, it was time to clean the place and pack up to head for home! The kids all played together and enjoyed their last couple of hours together before hitting the road.

It was a great weekend with a mix of fun, relaxation, and memories!

Jake is already asking if we can go back. In fact, today he informed me that "we should go to the lake every Sunday" - ha!

I hope you all nab some great deals this weekend, and swing by my VIP group if you want any on MJ! ;)

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