Sunday, October 15, 2017

WNY's Sunflower Field

Just as Summer started to wind down (at least, in the going-back-to-school sense - hey have I mentioned that the weather has been strangely warm around here at all? ;P ), something unexpectedly trendy popped up nearby.

I mean like, literally popped up - from the ground.

If you live in the Buffalo area, your Facebook feed was likely full of pictures of sunflowers for a solid two weeks as August segued to September.

sunflower field

The sprawling sunflower field in Sanborn (which happened to be at the corner of my Grandparent's street, and grown by the farm where my parents met as teenagers!) became something of a local hot spot. It suddenly hit the top To Do on everyone's "Summer Is Ending" bucket lists, and it even made the news.

Who knew people could get that excited about flowers?

It makes me think of a time when we were discussing the Canalside revitalization years ago at a birthday party, chatting about how one of the first things they did was arrange lots of brightly painted Adirondack chairs in an open grassy area, and suddenly people were flocking there to have picnics and just hang out. Someone had said, "Who would have thought all we had to do was put out some chairs?" If you know Buffalo's history, it was a pretty hilarious thought, but the chairs and the sunflowers make me feel as though us WNY-ers don't let the little beautiful things go unappreciated!

And of course, I'm not one to miss out on a cultural phenomenon, so we made the trip and met my sister there for some family photos.

This is probably the time to mention that these photos feature five kids ranging in age from 3 to 8, so the outtakes are more a-plenty than the beautiful ones.

Lots of brotherly love, too.

And bottom-toothed smiles.

And one in the bunch totally not having it at that moment. Or, ya know, grabbing themselves.

And peek-a-boo-ing into frame. Or looking like he just stubbed his toe.

And spanning the emotional scales from one picture to the next.

Plus lots and lots of tongues sticking out.

And only one kid really caring that the camera is on him.

But we did manage one pretty decent family photo...with only one kid looking off in the distance.

And there were A LOT of sunny-yellow blooms, arranged in enticing, prime hide-and-seek rows.

And by some spontaneous stroke of luck, we managed to pull off one that's worthy of turning into big, beautiful prints for the Grandparents.

Perfect in its little quirks - the three year olds showing their three-year-oldness - a little unfocused in places - but everyone looking ahead with a smile on their face. Success.

It was a trip I'm glad to say we made.

And taking a little bit of guidance and wisdom from the sunflowers, here's today's letterboard:

sunflower letterboard

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