Thursday, October 19, 2017

Why I Have An Office

The other day, I shared a post about all the homes that Matt and I have lived in together, and mentioned that our current home is pretty cozy. (Read: teeny tiny.)

There are three small (about 10x10ish) bedrooms, and 5 people plus a full sized dog living here.

And yet I have an office.

It's not that I feel the need to rationalize it for anyone, but it's an unconventional choice that I wanted to share because - having this set up has been kind of wonderful.

At each age and phase of my boys' lives, they've required different sleeping arrangements. I co-slept with my kiddos for their first years, so that meant they didn't really need a nursery. And then when I had new toddlers, they needed total peace and quiet in order to maintain good napping schedules. So they've all taken their turns having their own bedrooms and sharing with each other.

This past winter, when I decided to become a Trunk Keeper with Matilda Jane, I knew I needed a space to keep my inventory set up and invite people over to try things on, so I came up with the idea to temporarily move all the boys into one room and make the other a sort of walk-in closet.

That worked well for a while, but then looking around my house and wanting things to function with a little more space and less chaos, I decided that moving my Matilda Jane rack to the dining room and the computer and desk into that bedroom would create a cozy, quiet office space where I could shut the door, and be alone to work or write in the spare moments of my day.

Before making the change, we offered Luke the chance to have his own bedroom (being the oldest of the bunch) and he turned it down. He didn't want to give up his coveted top bunk space, and they like all being together. My kids all prefer company at this point in their lives. On the weekends, they even take turns having "sleepovers" in each other's beds.

So I decided that this is probably the only phase of their young lives where they'd be okay with this arrangement, and I went for it.

I got a new rug and some things to organize my desk, and did lots of rearranging and organizing. Now, it is a cozy, functional space that I can escape to and close the door on the noise and chaos of life with littles. This is where I do most of my MJ work, where I blog, journal, and do yoga. It has a great view of the outdoors with a tree right next to the window, and I couldn't love it more!

Life has been super busy, so I haven't had enough time to finish it up. I have lots to hang and spruce in here, so the pictures I've shared are just some little sneak peeks from when we first started rearranging in here. I hope to share the entire thing with you super soon!

In the mean time, I encourage you to look around your house (especially if you're in tight living quarters like we are) and maybe make an unconventional choice for the function of a room or space. It's made a world of difference for us!

Especially with things functioning better and cozier :)

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