Monday, October 16, 2017

Percolate & Meditate.

In early 2016, Matt was totally thriving with the Miracle Morning.

I wrote about it a few times - about envying his success, and considering how no matter what I tried, I couldn't seem to stick to my own early morning kicking-butt methods. What always called to me first thing in the morning was a hot cup of coffee, and some quiet, peaceful, stillness.

It's hard to come by when you have three little boys, but when I can manage to drag myself out of bed with enough time, it blesses me for the entire day.

One morning recently, my alarm was going off, and I was just about ready to snooze it when I seemingly subconsciously gave myself a little "get out of bed" pep-talk. In a cheerful inner-tone, I thought to myself - "time to percolate and meditate!" It was goofy enough to make me laugh and drag my tired body out of bed.

Percolate & Meditate with

Coffee and mindfulness.

Caffeine and gratitude.

Brewing and ruminating.

That I can do.

My yoga instructor, who I value dearly, would give you a very specific definition and description of meditation. It has a certain position, a certain method of breathing, and specific focus. And sometimes that traditional meditation is exactly what I need.

But meditation, to me, is many things. Maybe it would be more accurate to call what I do practices in mindfulness, but for the sake of simplicity and the rhyme, let's go with meditate. ;)

Sometimes it's yoga breathing with my eyes closed.
Sometimes an app leads me through it.
Sometimes it's reading through an enlightening book and taking notes.
Sometimes it's stream of consciousness gratitude journaling.
Sometimes it's following prescribed steps through intentional manifestation practices.

I'm a rebel, so I go where my heart leads each day. It's the only way I'm able to find success in anything I set out to do.

So on this Monday, and many more to come, I hope to share with you my favorite books and resources for a well-rounded (but calm and simple) morning practice. Keep your eyes peeled for new editions of this series on the first Monday of each month!

In the mean time, would you share your favorite enlightening books with me in the comments? I can never get enough! :)

Percolate and Meditate

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  1. I loved this post! I too try to do some of these things!

  2. It's an old post, but it resonated with me in so many ways/words that I have to comment :)
    That was what I thougt: you're doing mindfulness. But meditation over the coffee cup? That sounds so good it must be a good way of meditation :)
    Also your ways of meditating which you've mentioned i enjoy myself too.
    I'm glad I've found your blog and looking forward to read it through.
    I've read tons of "enlighting" books so I can share when I think more closely.