Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Our Home in Autumn

We have had, just....the weirdest start to Fall here in Buffalo.

There have been more summery forecasts than our summer had, and we've been so busy with life things and recovering from viruses that it has been a bit more unsettling and fast-paced than normal. I am really looking forward to the slower-paced, cozy evenings that are headed our way!

And I finally got my house decorated for fall!

I'm so excited to share (because who doesn't love the cozy warmth of fall decor?)

The above is my hutch in the dining room. Everything on it is a random collection of things from all over the place. The little potted floral arrangement came from the boys' preschool (I can't remember which one of them made it!! lol), and the plant came home from school recently. I made the felt witch's clothesline garland, and the Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf on the mirror.

I also hung a leaf garland and pumpkin lights over the dining room windows, and added some fall and halloween things to the dining room bookshelf.

I always have something going on the dining room table, too, but this get changed out through the season.

For now, there's flowers that my guys picked up for me from Trader Joe's, a glass pumpkin that I thrifted for $2 years ago and fill with fall garlands usually, and a candle I found on clearance at Target recently. It smells just like fall to me!

I mentioned recently that I always dress up my sink for the seasons - it makes having to stand there and do endless dishes a little more tolerable! Christmas is typically my favorite sink, but I'm pretty wild about this fall set up right now!

The candy corn sign & orange ceramic pumpkin are from Target's dollar spot, and the mini hay bale and burlap pumpkin are from Dollar Tree. I always refresh my dishsoap & handsoap with the seasons, too...I usually get them at Target or on Grove.co (I have a link if you're interested in using them!)

The black glittery tree and lights came from Targets one spot - so did the ceramic pumpkin. The kids and I are going to make some Halloween shrinky dinks to hang on the branches this weekend. The little chalkboard came from Amazon years ago.

I usually have a little ceramic bird (that's actually a candle holder) and a tiny plant on this itty bitty shelf, but I replaced them with this little squirrel (who is actually a salt shaker! I shared him as a clearance score on my Instagram stories recently if you caught that) and the pumpkin is made out of twine and a stick. It's a super simple project I did when I was sick a couple weekends ago...I just wrapped the twine around my fingers to make loops and then tied them together. I made four bunches of wrapped loops, then tied them all together through the middle, fluffed them around, and stuck a little twig in the top!

I dressed up the hanging plant, and a couple of vases on the counters with fake fall flowers and leaves and little scarecrows, too.

I've also got this on the stove right now....I love this bowl! lol (It's from Target, of course!)

Going into the living room, I have these leaf garlands and orange lights that make for the coziest of movie nights every evening. This is maybe my favorite part of our fall decorations!

Don't mind my little video game player ooor the super dirty doors on this thing, but I've got leaf garland, and a mix of velvet and painted plastic pumpkins on our tv stand.

Here's a few other things I've got scattered around the living room....

I haven't decorated outside, because it's still too hot for pumpkins!! They would totally just bake out there...but I do have a wreath and doormat out there. Maybe I'll update later when it's all set.

For now, here is today's letterboard!

Keep up with my daily letterboards every day in October!!! See the landing page for my 31 Days challenge this year HERE.

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  1. I have to share this diy garland craft with Halloween lights I found. It's so cute! Tara Krisch

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