Thursday, October 12, 2017

Oktoberfest 2017

Last year, my Dad bought and moved into a new house. Because of the timing of it all, he decided to put his annual Oktoberfest party on hiatus for a year. We all understood, of course, but it was a little sad not going to stuff ourselves full of yummy fall food and have a reason to celebrate the start of October.

This year - Oktoberfest was BACK, and we were all pretty darn happy about it.

Because of our bizarrely warm weather lately, it had a different feel than normal - I was in a tank top well after dark! Such a difference from huddling around propane heaters under sweaters and coats. It meant that kids had a lot of fun running around with each other, playing walnut baseball, and going for hayrides around the yard.

Dinner was served just as the sun was getting sleepy. It had all the yummy usuals (a German buffet and my Dad's home-brewed Oktoberfest beer), and my brother-in-law even brought some gluten free beer, which meant I was able to partake in the spirit of Oktoberfest, too! While we ate, the Sabres game started, and my Dad put it on the TV in the garage (where the party was mostly taking place.)

The dessert table was hopping, as usual, but since this is our first GF Oktoberfest, I'd brought along a batch of GF brownies with fall leaf sprinkles, and let the kids splurge on those and small slices of chocolate cheesecake (which I know isn't GF, but likely had the least gluten of everything else there.)

Yay for the return of Oktoberfest!

Here's the recap from the one before the hiatus: Oktoberfest 2015

And in the spirit of Oktoberfest, my letterboard for the day...

two beer letterboard

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