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Monday, October 9, 2017

My Favorite Mugs

coffee letterboard

If you know me in real life, you know that my relationship with coffee is an intense and enduring one. (25 years, enduring!)

And every coffee lover has a favorite mug or mugs, so I thought it would be fun to show you mine! I uh, have a lot. Matt gets so mad at me when I come home with a new mug, but I can't help it!! I looove my mugs almost as much as I loooove my coffee!

(PS, I'd love to see your favorite mugs - enable me! lol)

cath kidston blue floral mug

My favorite-favorite mug is for sure this one, and I actually have 2 of them. They are the Cath Kidston Chelsea Rose mugs, and I believe the color is blue crush. They have the prettiest floral, and are the perfect size (no whimpy sized mugs for me!), and if they are clean, they are the mug I reach for almost every morning.

red mickey mug from disney world

My second most reached-for mug is this Mickey one that I got in Epcot during our family vacation in 2015. I love it for the sentiment, but even moreso for the size! It holds the perfect amount, and I love it!

Matilda Jane mug

MJ floral mug

I love my Matilda Jane mugs! I have 4 different kinds, but these two above are a little bigger than the older versions that came out last year, so I tend to reach for these more for coffee. The other two are good for tea (which I often have on cold evenings, and lots and lots when I'm sick.)

harry potter mug accio coffee

This mug is a little awkwardly shaped...if it wasn't I think it would be a bigger fav. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the top of the mug is like a hi-lo's taller in the front. But, it's awesomely huge, and I love the HP tribute!

coffee and chill mug

This is a new one I got on clearance recently - it's juuust a touch small for my morning coffee, but when I have afternoon coffee on cold days I tend to have a slightly smaller cup, and this one is perfect. I love the saying and the retro styling of this one - had to have it!

This next group are too small for my morning coffee but are ridiculously cute, so I often use these for afternoon coffee or tea:

i'm a keeper mug

so jelly mug

hashtag muglife mug

totes a morning person mug

matilda jane spring floral mug

During the Christmas season, I have a few Christmas mugs I pull out and adore, too.

Happy Coffee Drinking! ;)

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