Monday, October 30, 2017

Jake's Halloween Birthday Party

Last week, I shared that our last baby is no longer a baby! And so naturally, it was time to celebrate him. (Can I just say? Be careful about having a baby near a holiday. The amount of parties and celebrating we've juggled the past two weeks is off the chain!)

This year, he wanted a traditional Halloween party. (His first was Harry Potter, his second was Football, and his third was Fall Harvest...running out of Fall themes, here! lol) So up went the Halloween decorations, on went the costumes, and out when the Halloween snacks!

Remember that whole busy thing? Yeah....I totally failed at taking pictures of our guests in their costumes! I really wanted to get a group shot of all the kids, plus a few adults dressed up (my Dad was a secret service agent, and my sister was Mary Poppins) but I was so busy it didn't cross my mind until later when most people had shed their costumes. Oh well! Here's what I did capture from the day:

We had decorate your own cupcakes for the dessert!

Seriously terrible photography, lol....I didn't get any of the whole-room decorations, or family. Oh well! Fail.

As for his actual birthday, we had a pretty low-key day, followed by an evening of pizza, cake that looked like a pumpkin, and presents. My mom came over for the festivities that night, too.

The boys had gotten him presents of their own - Matt gave them a small budget to pick out whatever they wanted for him, and I think the best part was watching the excitement and smiles on their faces as they watched their little brother open up what they'd chosen. So cute! (I love watching brotherhood happen!) Look for their little smirks in these ;)

How stinking cute is he? Pillow Pets sent us that Jackson Storm pillow to gift
him for his birthday to celebrate the release of Cars 3 on DVD!
(Which happens on November 7th, by the way!)

By the way? He got a bike from his grandparents, and since the weather was terrible for it we let him give it a shot in the house. So for the next day and a half, he wheeled it everywhere he went - including the bathroom! So funny.

And to celebrate our little dude, as well as Halloween....

halloween birthday letterboard

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