Saturday, October 14, 2017

Gluten Free Apple Crisp Muffins

On Jake's first day of preschool, I took him to Panera to pick a first day of school treat. Though it was early in the season, they already had some of their seasonal bakery things out like pumpkin muffins, and leaf cutout cookies.

Because Jake doesn't actually have a gluten sensitivity, I sometimes let him splurge on a treat when his brothers aren't around, so I deemed his first ever day of school a worthy occasion, and let him pick an apple crumb muffin that looked ridiculously good.

apple crisp muffins

I was totally jealous - since quitting gluten, I've realized that I have a sensitivity, so I almost never cheat. It's gotta be a GOOD reason (like, tiramisu good.) So rather than trying his muffin, I was instead inspired to make a GF version at home that weekend.

I turned to Pinterest to get a head start (where else?) and found this Apple Cinnamon Muffin recipe from Recipe Girl.

In addition to making recipes gluten free, I also cut sugar waaaay down usually. This can be really altering to some recipes, like cookies for example, but I usually find it works out fine in muffins. So here is what I changed:

- Swapped both flours for Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1 flour
- Reduced each kind of sugar by half (so 1/4 cup of each kind)
- Almond milk instead of regular milk
- Coconut oil in place of the other oils

The topping I only swapped out the sugar (I used brown sugar instead of granulated), however - I totally forgot I wanted to add oatmeal to it to make them more like apple crisp! I remembered after they were in the oven - oops. So, next time!

fall apple muffin recipe

I still called these apple crisp muffins, anyway. ;)

Apple season is winding down, but this is a good appley recipe to try if you've still got a bunch!

These muffins are brought to you by today's letterboard ;)

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