Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dresstember (Fail?)

I triiiiiied to accomplish the Dresstember challenge with Wife Mommy Me, but only got halfway through!

The idea was to wear 10 dresses or skirts in the month of September.

Sighhh, I tried! But it was such a busy month, and I was knocked out with a virus, so there were a lot of jeans and tees and leggings days! Here's what I did manage to accomplish:

Maxi skirt from Agnes & Dora

 Matilda Jane Curtain Call Maxi

Matilda Jane Splendid Dress

Matilda Jane Summer Sunset Dress

Maxi Skirt from Target (Merona)

To make up for it (a little?) here's 2 more dresses I at least tried on and styled in September! ;)

Matilda Jane To The Nines Dress

Matilda Jane Hold The Key Dress

I know I failed, but I'm linking up with the Dresstember Challenge anyway ;)

And my letterboard for today...

buy the dress letterboard

Sage advice! ;)

Keep up with my daily letterboards every day in October!!! See the landing page for my 31 Days challenge this year HERE.

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  1. With fall on the way, I think I would mainly wear pants and leggings anyway but I do love a maxi dress / skirt. :)

    1. For sure - it's been unseasonably warm here, so a dress or skirt hasn't been out of the question, but I still want jeans & leggings much more!! Especially when I wasn't feeling well...that was rough!!