Monday, October 23, 2017

Currently October

Current Book(s)
Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling
being super busy and continually getting sick has finally affected my reading, boo!

Current Music
Dua Lipa's full album. HERE is a link to a playlist with all of the songs...since I posted IDGAF last month, let's go with Room for 2.

Current Focuses
-getting ready for all the things (Jake's birthday, Halloween, school events)
-enjoying fall as much as possible
-trying to stay healthy and focused

Current Random Happenings
-Three or four weekends ago, I was super-super sick. Matt had it the following weekend, so we basically lost two weekends. I had about a week and a half of health, and got sick again. OMG with these germs coming in from preschool. NO. THANKYOU.

Current Guilty Pleasure
Twilight movies and peanut butter cups.

Current Celebrity Crush
Edward Cullen, but like....close-cut hair, Dad Edward Cullen from Breaking Dawn pt. 2

Right? The best Edward.

Current Nail Color
Essie's As If. Still having a serious moment with that one. I sometimes switch to Essie's Licorice, lately, though.

Current Outfit
At the moment? Plaid leggings and my "the struggle is real" hoodie. But lately - skinny jeans, tees, sweaters, and boots.

Current Slang
Really nothing right now.

Current Drink
Coffeeeee. Since it's still been warm around here, my Starbucks order has been an iced nonfat vanilla latte, and I've been digging it. I only get maybe one a week, though. At home I've been brewing Starbucks House Blend.

Current Food
Totally digging fall-ish comfort foods right now, particularly butternut squash soup. I've had some from Panera, and some from a local grocery store (from their cafe area) and they were both curried so I was OBSESSED...and I've been thinking about them constantly. I need an immersion blender so can make lots and lots of my own!

Current TV Show
Still working through Gilmore Girls. Kinda halfheartedly watching DWTS. Finished OUAT maybe forever. Sighhhh. (Sob!)

Current App
Fairway Solitaire, Instagram, Marco Polo

Current Pastime
I feel like I've either been sick or busy lately, so when I have a spare moment I like to just zone out to TV or play solitaire on my phone. Effortless, mindless stuff.

Current Wish List
-this dream symbolism dictionary (my psychic/reiki lady recommended it to me)
-this scarf
-everything from last month's list

Current Needs
Some germ immunity. Money doesn't ever hurt, either.

Current Bane of My Existence

Current Quote

From a letterboard coming up later this week:

"She was born to be a lover, to make other people's lives better, and to chase sunsets."
-Sylvester McNutt

Current Picture

i love my guys & i love fall!

Current Blessing

Current Excitement
Being healthy again. The holidays. Lots of fun stuff coming up!

Current Mood
I feel like I can't describe it at the moment. In a funky (mostly good, but funky) place right now.

octobers letterboard

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