Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bruno Mars 24K Magic Tour

You know how it is, when you go to a concert...and there always seems to be a few songs you don't really know? Like if you haven't listened to every single album front to back you're left kinda feeling like.....what the heck is this?

The only concert I have ever been to where I haven't felt that way is Bruno Mars.

So. so so so good.

The first one I ever went to was in 2014 - my mom gave me tickets for my 30th birthday, and it was SUCH a good show. I loved every second of it.

I always said if Bruno ever came back to Buffalo, I'd  be there. So when tickets went on sale early this year, I was parked at my computer, ready to go. It was a looooong wait, but the day finally came and it was SO GOOOOOOOOD! No surprise.

I don't have a ton of pictures, but I'll share what I've got! I went to the concert with my friend Cassie, and we stopped and had our favorite for dinner before heading to the arena - Indian. YUM!

We got there pretty early, and had time to chat and admire our seats. We wanted something front row in the 300's so there'd be a good view, and we wouldn't be stuck standing the entire time (unless we wanted to...but we didn't, lol.) Mom seats. Haha!

I loved his opening act - Dua Lipa. Her song Be The One was one of my summer jams this year, so I was pretty pumped to see her. I was surprised that I knew 3 or 4 other songs of hers, too, and I was intruged by one I hadn't heard before - IDGAF. Which is now a fav! I linked to my favorite 4 songs in my post the other day, if you're curious. Her style is "dark pop" (according to her), which is my fav. Upbeat music with an edge - yes, please.

Bruno was amazing from start to finish....I mean, duh. I can't remember the order of these or anything...I wanted some pictures and videos to take home to my boys, though. They love Bruno...we've had many-a dance party in the living room to his music!

This is a video I took on Instagram...I have no idea if it will actually work, it might just show up as a picture, but just in case it does....


And for today's's Bruno inspired! Bonus points if you can tell me the song it came from ;)

bruno mars letterboard

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