Tuesday, October 17, 2017

All The Places We've Lived

Matt and I have been living together for over thirteen years! That's such a crazy idea...it's almost half my life! And we've been through it all in these homes of ours.

I thought it would be fun to go back and look at the places we used to call home over the years!

Charlotte Apartment
Our first home together was an apartment - it was brand new and we were its first residents. It was in an up and coming part of the University Area of Charlotte, and very near the thruway as well. The location was great, but it was surrounded by trees and farms, so getting there felt like a private little getaway. We were starting from basically nothing after moving there (almost) on a whim from Buffalo, so it took us a while to really make it look like home, but we eventually got there! If I had to call the style of our place anything, it would be "cutesied up bachelor with a mix of handmedowns" haha

The door to the left lead to our balcony (we were on the top floor), the tiny door
to the right was our front closet, and the door next to it was the entrance.

Because we were living in the south and palm trees were more of a thing down
there, I went a little wild about palm trees for a hot minute.

And because you can't really get a true feel for a place unless you see it decorated for Christmas (amiright??), here's what our very humble beginnings at Christmas traditions looked like.

Our man Odin was in almost all of those pictures! That was not a rare occurrence back when he was our only baby. He was always right next to us! Nowadays, he's so annoyed by the kids and the dog that he only comes out at night, and then we're BFF's again. But I love that he's in these pictures from 2004...he's been with us all along!

Charlotte House
The year of our wedding, Matt and I started house hunting and found exactly what we wanted that spring. I still miss that house and think of it often! It had an amazing porch we'd watch thunderstorms from and a back deck where we'd eat dinner. A big, functional kitchen, a huge master suite with a bathroom and walk-in closet (about 3 or 4 of my current bedrooms could fit in it!), upstairs laundry, a wooded and fenced in backyard, a fireplace....sigh! If we could only have packed it up when we moved back to Buffalo! We were both working full time, well-paying jobs when we got this house, so we were able to buy some real furniture and make this home of ours a little more "adulty".

And at Christmas....

Buffalo House
When we moved back home, it was in the middle of the housing crisis. We'd just had a baby and had to act quickly, but since we'd owned our home for less than 3 years, it was not an ideal situation. We had to move in with my mom for a bit to let the dust settle, and then we had to downgrade a bit in order to get into our favorite school district. Not to mention, we were down to one income. However - the coziness, the yard, the schools, and the basement are unmatched! Those were ultimately the factors that had us choose this little ranch of ours. We've since remodeled the kitchen and made it as ours as we can, and it's as homey as can be - but it's certainly snug with the 5 of us and our fur kids! This house is a lot more handmade, cozy, shabby chic, for sure.

So I've just realized that the pictures I have of our current house are seriously outdated! I have so little to share that actually shows what it looks like in here! So instead, check out these:

House Tour Page
Our Home In Autumn
Boys' Bathroom Update
Master Bedroom Update

And of course, our house at Christmas:

Here's a post from 2015 that has some closer looks at a few of our decorations: Christmas At Our House

And today's (fitting) letterboard...

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