Friday, October 27, 2017

7 Vests for Fall

Fall is, for sure, the best time to wear a vest!

So today I wanted to share the seven vests I have in my closet that I love to add to my fall outfits! Some of them are current, many of them are not, but I'll link to the ones that are!

Matilda Jane brown Sydney Vest

Matilda Jane Sydney Vest
I got this vest a couple Fall seasons ago, and it's still a favorite! It's a heavier
vest, perfect for wearing in place of a jacket! (See it on me here.)

Matilda Jane green tween Vest

Matilda Jane That's the Ticket Vest
Though this is from the tween line, it fits some women perfectly! I was so
excited about this one when it was released! It's the perfect green for fall
layering, and I love the details of the lace on the lapels, and the pockets.
So cute! (See it on me here.)

Target grey marled vest

Mossimo (Target) Grey Marled Vest
I found this cutie on a clearance rack for $3 a couple years ago, and I love it
for adding interest to my outfits! I don't think I have a picture of me in it here,
but I showed it on my IG story recently with MJ's Carpool Finns, a black tee,
and this bow necklace and it was such a comfy-cute favorite!

Matilda Jane tan sweater vest

Matilda Jane Mind's Eye Vest
This is for sure one of my very-very favorites! It's so warm and cozy on,
plus the little tassles make an otherwise boring outfit a little bit playful.
It pairs so well with tan booties! (See it on me here.)

Target military vest

Merona (Target) Green Military Vest
I found this pretty on clearance, too! The current version (which is by their 
new brand, A New Day) is $30, so this one was discounted to $13.
It's a slightly lighter green, but it's identical otherwise!

Gap grey vest

Gap Greige Pocket Vest
This one is a super-duper-oldie, but I had to include it because it's a lounging
around the house favorite. It makes lazy day attire feel just a little bit more
fun! It feels like a light sweat material, so it's super cozy!

Matilda Jane Orange Vest

Matilda Jane Run-Through Vest
Is this one be any more perfect for October? I've seen this one popping up as
a costume pieces the past couple of weeks! It's the perfect pumpkiny orange
for both Halloween & Thanksgiving! It's also super soft, in traditional MJ fashion!
(See it on me here and here.)

And because it's Friday....

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