Sunday, October 1, 2017

31 Days 2017: Letterboards!

31 Days of Letterboards! Part of the Write 31 Days Challenge in the month of October! Visit every day!! For the past five years, I've attempted (and failed) the 31 Days of blogging challenge. It's fun, and interesting, and exciting - and oh my goodness the amazing bloggers I find every year!

But it can be A LOT of prep work depending on your topic, and blogging when you are already wildly busy with little ones and a business and PTA obligations can get a bit overwhelming. I almost didn't do it this year! As in I decided to do it yesterday. For real. I knew I'd feel left out if I didn't do it!!

And then a simple and fun idea came to me - one that I am already kind of obsessed with. Letterboards! Who doesn't love them right now, amiright?

31 Days of Letterboards

The awesome thing about this is that the prep isn't all that extensive, I don't have to completely rearrange my editorial calendar because they can be added to any kind of post, and they are a quick and simple stand alone post for the days I don't have something else to share. Perf!

I would have loved to do 31 Days of Matilda Jane, or of Fall style...but I just don't have the time or set up for that! So cheers to being realistic!

Here's today's letterboard!

Fall Candles Letter Board

Yay for October!

Stop back every day this month to see them all!

31 Days of Letterboards
Day 1 - Fall Candles - You Are Here :)
Day 2 - Ghost Outfit
Day 3 - OMGourd
Day 4 - Fashion vs Style
Day 5 - Spiderweb Cardio
Day 6 - Books + Fall Things
Day 7 - Runaway Baby
Day 8 - Rebel Sunday
Day 9 - 3 Coffees
Day 10 - Buy The Dress
Day 11 - Fashion Armor
Day 12 - Two Beers
Day 13 - Paris Geller Day
Day 14 - Hygee
Day 15 - Sunflowers
Day 16 - Percolate & Meditate
Day 17 - Home
Day 18 - Nourish to Flourish
Day 19 - At Home
Day 20 - Life Status
Day 21 - Brotherhood
Day 22 - Ruffle Feathers
Day 23 - Octobers
Day 24 - Reading
Day 25 - Birthday
Day 26 - Rebel Heart
Day 27 - Wine
Day 28 - Sunsets
Day 29 - Photos
Day 30 - Happy Boothday
Day 31 - Halloween

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