Monday, September 4, 2017

PTA Bulletin Board: Get Connected

Excuse my PTA moment here, guys, but I just crossed something huge (literally) off my to do list and I'm so happy about it! I thought I'd share in case anyone needs a little bulletin board inspiration of their own.

So my PTA role deals with all different facets of our membership, and part of that includes decorating a big bulletin board in the main hallway of the school. We put all of our member's names on there so it feels like a collective effort that honors everyone that helps us do what we do.

Our main focus this year is to create more of a community feel with lots of open communication, so after racking my brain for something to fit that theme in a relate-able way I settled on making giant tablets with apps that would share what the PTA does throughout the year. Following that theme, I thought emojis would be a good decoration to put the family names on that would appeal to the kids, and also play off the new emoji movie.

I still have a few finishing touches to add to it, but here's how I made it!

First, I used white and black poster board from the dollar store (so, $2 worth) to make the tablets. I cut the circles for the home button and camera out of scrap poster board and some black cardstock I had on hand. Just in case you want to give this design a shot, here's the measurements I used:

Black Poster Board: 28" tall x 22" wide with the corners rounded
(I traced a bowl in each corner and then cut along that line)
White Poster Board: 21" tall x 19" wide
Home Button: 3" white circle with 2-3/4" black circle on top
Camera: 1" white circle with 3/4" black circle on top
Apps: 5x5" (3 across, 3 down) with 1" between each app and side edges

To make the apps, I drew two rounded squares in publisher that overlapped each other on one edge. I printed this on cardstock to use as a tracer for each of the apps.

Then using the size guidelines on publisher, I made graphics and found logos that fit within this same 5x5 sized square. I printed these on cardstock, too, on the lower side of the page so I could use my tracer to cut them out with a back attached (which would get folded behind it). Like this:

With them cut out and folded, I lined them up and then glued them onto the tablets. Each of the apps open so that I could share information about each thing - whether it was a brief description, an event date, or contact information, the idea is that people could check these "apps" all the time to stay informed about when things were happening and what we do for the kids in our school. So I then printed another little square of info per app, and I glued those inside the apps.

I left the Instagram apps blank so that we could print pictures from school functions and rotate them between the two tablets.

With my tablets done, I ordered a black and white polka dot border (to fit the colors of the tablets), and then some emoji stickers to put all over the board. I also got some die cut letters from the dollar store to create the title, which we arranged to look like a wifi symbol. We're not sure anyone will notice that, but it made us happy, anyway - haha.

With the board put together, now I'll order some velum mailing labels, and I'll print batches of family last names that have joined the PTA and stick them on the emojis.

Cute, right?? We're pretty excited about it!!! And I hope that these apps help keep our families informed and connected throughout the year!

- - -

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