Thursday, September 21, 2017

Outdoor Movie Night

Outdoor Movie Night

On Friday evenings, we have a standing movie night tradition. Over the summer, we skipped it in favor of fires, extended outdoor time, and other outings, but now that the school year is underway and cooler weather is almost here, we're getting them started again.

Last week, my dad invited us over to his house to try an outdoor movie with an old screen and projector he had lying around. We kept the details a secret from the boys so we could surprise them, and it was totally the right move - they were so excited when we got there!

My dad had a little nacho bar set up in the garage, so we snacked on that and played frisbee while we waited for the sun to set a little. When it got low enough, we all settled into our spots with our treats (we'd brought movie candy, too), and my dad played a traditional drive in movie greeting.

The kids thought that was hilarious! We're all big fans of our nearby drive-in, so they were totally in on the humor. He played some short old Mickey Mouse cartoons, too, that got a few laughs out of them.

The main event was Captain Underpants which they LOVED! Henry had told me a few days before that he wanted to see it, so I passed it along to my dad and he rented it. They laughed a whole lot throughout the whole movie, and there were some good adult laughs in there, too.

The weather was perfect for an outdoor movie, and the whole experience was as fun as the drive-in but with more comfort and convince. It was an awesome outing to add to the end of our summer season!

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