Friday, September 8, 2017

End of Summer Happenings

After our anniversary trip to the 1,000 Islands, Summer wrapped up dramatically fast.

I mean, it's like 53 and rainy outside my window right now. #notready #buffalowintersarelooong

So to hang onto that Summer feeling (for at least a few more minutes), here's how the end of our time off from school and "real life" went.

I babysit my niece and nephew one day a week over the summer. We had our last day together on the Monday after my trip, and I tried to make it a little extra-special and fun for everyone. We had a day of playing inside and out, and a picnic.

We all got pretty hooked on pluots, and the best part was that Jake called them Woo-Watts. So, stinking, cute.

On Friday of that same week, we took the boys to their first Bison's game. It seems crazy that they'd never been before, but we just hadn't found time to go before now. Luke LOVED it...the other two were more interested in snacks and got antsy after a while, but it was fun - something to look forward to doing again next year.

Why yes that IS a container of bleu cheese trying to win a race against a couple of chicken wings and a piece of celery. #buffalolife

My nephew turned three that weekend, and he had his birthday party at a playground near his house. As you can probably tell by the sky, we battled downpours during that party and had to run back and forth from my sister's house and the playground. The kids didn't mind at all, though, and we all had a great time.

We actually had to run out for a few errands after the party, so when another round of rain hit we left the park and set out to do that. We thought we skipped the soaking, but we ended up stuck in the rain in the middle of a crazy downpour. We were lucky to have our raincoats in the van, and it actually ended up being pretty fun. We got to see a pretty awesome double rainbow, too.

Jake finished his first ever session of soccer. He didn't love-love it, but it was pretty cute to see him giving it a shot.

The night of his last lesson was gorgeous, so we spent some time playing outside, and went to get ice cream at a place nearby that has an awesome playground. We basically had the place to ourselves!

Jake and Galli enjoyed their lazy days home together, I worked hard on a bunch of PTA projects, and the boys really got into Spongebob. Henry loved drawing pictures of scenes from the show (so cute!)

I had an amazing time celebrating my birthday with my guys. We went for breakfast at our favorite Gluten Free place in the area and it was SO GOOD! Afterwards, we made stops at the library, a store I wanted to visit, and Starbucks.

In the evening, I went to yoga and brought my friend with me. I wanted my people around me for my birthday, and my amazing instructor let her come as a birthday gift. It was a great class, and we were greeted by this amazing sunset afterwards.

SO good, right? I love a good sunset, especially post-yoga!

So Cassie and I (my friend that I brought along to yoga) went to play at Target for a little bit. I needed new sunglasses because Jake broke mine a few days before, and I had a gift card I wanted to use on a few things. I found this bowl for Halloween that I am kind of obsessed with...

Dying! lol

When I got home, my boys had a gluten free cake waiting for me (that they made!) with a silly "33" candle situation. Love it.

The next day was a busy one, full of cleaning and back to school prep, but we did fit in some time to visit the infamous local sunflower field and take some pictures. We got a good one of all the cousins together that I'm pretty crazy about.

Our last summer outing was a trip to Fantasy Island - it was loooong over due. We had a lot of fun on our favorite rides, watched the wild west show, and had some ice cream. It was perfect timing, too - not too busy, and we were on the road home just as rain started to move in.

Sighhh....and that's a wrap on summer. My big boys are already back in school, and my little dude starts on Tuesday. I'll have a full back to school post to share next week, full of their first days and all the ways we celebrated!

Have a fun weekend! xo

- - -

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