Friday, September 22, 2017

Day In The Life: September

Day In The Life September 2017

As fast as life is moving lately, it's crazy to me how much our day to day has changed since last month! It doesn't seem like it was all THAT long ago, but it's a totally different picture from our last Day In The Life. I'm linking up with The Daily Dime again!

After about 9 minutes of snoozing, I turned my alarm off and took about 10 minutes to check in online. Then I made my side of the bed (Matt was oddly not up before me for a change!), and went to the bathroom. Matt always makes the coffee and he was on his way out of bed, so I sat down to blog a little while I waited.

After grabbing my coffee, I lit my new candle that reminds me of yoga and did some morning reading. I always have either a spiritual or a self-help book that I read in the morning to start the day in a positive way. I've been reading through The Game of Life and How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn lately and LOVING it!

I didn't have a lot of time to read that morning, so I just got through a few passages and then switched to journaling. I know I'm biased, but I've been using my Matilda Jane notebook set and I looove them. They're so pretty, and pretty little things make me happy!

I try to get started on my morning tasks sooner than this, but the journaling was working for me and I'm a little bit rebel, haha. So I started with packing lunches while Matt made sure the boys all brushed their teeth and then he got them breakfast. I've been packing the boys bento style lunches MWF, and on Tues & Thurs I do these more packaged snacky lunches - both because those mornings are crazier for me, and because they like these lunches better so they get a couple days of the "fun stuff".

I packed snacks for the boys next, then I helped them get dressed and played with Galli for a few minutes before making breakfast for myself (and a second breakfast for Jake, because he always wants to eat again with me.) Matt did the boys hair, and then we ushered them out the door while I sat down to eat with Jake. We had eggs, gluten free toast & pluots.

While we ate, a notification for a cartwheel deal on Halloween costumes popped up on my phone, and I rushed off to order the boys costumes. The discount was online, too, and we'd been discussing what they all wanted to be this year, so I was motivated to get that checked off my list! When that was done, I got Jake dressed, got myself dressed, and then put my hair up and put quick makeup on.

I dropped Jake off at school, and then went to a business meeting at a coffee place nearby. I splurged and got their version of a frappuccino (I almost never get those anymore but felt the need for a treat!), and we sat outside since it was so beautiful out.

When the meeting was over, I reviewed my grocery list in the car, and then went for a quick grocery trip. It still blows my mind being alone while I'm shopping - it feels so odd after so many years of always having at least one little one with me! When I was finished there, I drove down to Jake's school and picked him up. He had great reviews again!

Back home, I unloaded groceries, grabbed Jake a yogurt and put Too Cute on TV for him (My kids all love that show - it's like a reality show for puppies and kittens on Animal Planet!)

With Jake set up, I sat down to sort some forms I had to drop off at school, entered a handful of new membership forms I'd collected, and sent out a few random PTA communications. Next was a round of cleaning that I did while I watched Gilmore Girls on my phone - I washed grapes I'd gotten from the store, took turkey out for dinner, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, cleared and washed all the counters and the kitchen table, sorted the laundry in the basement and started a new load (phew!) Then I made Jake the rest of his lunch, ate half a banana myself, and got us ready to go pick the boys up from school.

At school, I dropped off the forms I'd sorted, picked up a bunch of paperwork that was there for me, and talked to a few teachers while waiting for the boys to be dismissed. We skipped the playground (it was SO hot, and Luke was not feeling his best), so we came right home. I went through the boys backpacks - checking folders for homework, signed Luke's agendamate, and emptied their lunchboxes.

After getting Luke started on his homework, I decided to roast a bunch of beets that I'd gotten from our CSA for the week. I eat them almost every day for lunch, so I like to roast them ahead of time and just keep them in a container in the fridge. I just wash them, wrap them in foil lined with parchment paper, and roast them for an hour. With those set, I grabbed some grapes and water for a snack, lit my little candle again, and sat down to enter tons of membership and student directory forms I'd picked up from school. There was A LOT - I was at the computer for 2 hours!!!

When I finished that grueling pile of paperwork, I came out to THIS horrific mess, which I then had to clean up. I mean...I'm grateful that they chose to spend their time creatively, but...for real?

I had to get ready for another event at school, so I took a shower and put myself together as quickly as I could! Thankfully Matt was home early enough to make dinner, and tacos are simple, so when I was finished getting ready I was able to eat a taco quickly before I left. I don't always eat standing up over a cookie sheet (lol) but I was out of time!

I had another event to attend at school (the last parent night), and while it was very slow (I didn't get one new membership, actually) it was still a decent night. I actually don't mind doing things like this now that my kids are a little bigger. It actually gives me a sense of being an actual adult person! lol Also awesome? Some school friends showered me in samples. One owns a local healthy pet food company (I can't wait to tell you more about it!!) and she brought me samples for both my dog and my cats, and another recently recommended a brand of snacks to me that are all gluten free and still delicious so we could see which ones we liked before we bought a ton. I was totally feeling the school community love last night!! The boys were at the end of their bedtime routine when I got home, so I helped usher them into their beds and then got into my pj's.

With everyone settled in their beds, I settled in for my nightly unwind. I usually spray essential oils - Chill Pill is perfect for the end of a long day, or especially after a social function for introverts like me. Even in good company I often leave them with a headache, and this helps me release tension. I also got a bowl of chocolate peanut butter ice cream (my fav!) and dove into my book of the moment, The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin. I'm obsessively in love with it, by the way. I feel like I might rival her for how often I discuss the tendencies in my day to day life! haha

I was actually wide awake, but knew it was time to force myself into getting ready for bed so I didn't stay up all night. So I took my earrings out, washed my face (with a makeup wipe), then went to the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth, and tone my face. I know this is wildly interesting information, but if you're curious, these are the wipes and toner I use. ;)

After getting ready for bed, I'd gone back to reading to try and make myself tired, but I was also messaging with a friend and discussing important matters of the four tendencies (SEE), and I ended up awake for far too long. This was about the time when I was telling myself to shut up and go to sleep, but it didn't work for at least another 15 or 20 minutes. It was sometime around then that I finally passed out! :)

I am very much so looking forward to a slower paced October! :)

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  1. Okay, I'm clueless about toners. What is a toner supposed to do? I've seen that one recommended often. And where did you get it?

    1. It supposedly reduces pores, but I haven't decided if it has yet? Lol However, it's a gentle cleanser that you can use multiple times a day, and it's great for oily/acne prone skin. My skin looks glowy and more naturally moisturized since I started using it. I broke out a little at first (new healthy skin care usually takes 3 weeks to bring all the bad stuff to the surface), but now my face is smoother and breaks out less. I got it on Amazon for like $8 I think. There's a few different scents but I'm a lavender junkie ;)