Friday, September 29, 2017

Currently September

Current Book(s)
All The Dirty Parts by Daniel Handler
The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

Current Music

Current Focuses
-allll the PTA stuff
-slooowly switching into fall mode (while also hanging onto summer)
-trying to fit rest & downtime in with all the crazy

Current Random Happenings
-Last weekend, I was in bed for almost 3 days with some sort of illness. It wasn't too crazy (my only major symptom was a terrible sore throat), but I took about 7 naps and watched SO. MANY. Hallmark movies.

-I went to my second Bruno Mars concert this past Wednesday, and it was soooo goooood. Duh! His concerts are the best ever.

-On his quest to rid our yard of dead ash trees and emerald ash borers, Matt's been cutting down trees and building fires like crazy. We've done a lot of fireside coffee sipping, reading, and roasting, lately.

Current Guilty Pleasure
Duh, the Hallmark movies lol

Current Celebrity Crush
Okay, so there's my always usual - Henry Cavill, Colin O'Donoghue, Thomas Beaudoin. The other day I caught a livestream with The Killers and I was like, oh yeah, hey Brandon lol.

I did not realize how obvious a type I have until I started answering this question every month lol.

Current Nail Color
Essie's As If...obsesssssssssssssssed! Ignore this weird picture (I was just appreciating how the Vera Bradley lanyard I was switching to matched my nails) but this is a perfect example of the color exactly:

I've also been into Essie's licorice with set in stones on a couple nails.

Current Outfit
The weather has been sooo off lately that it's been mostly jeans & tanks. Some days were too hot for that, even, so I've been wearing a couple of dresses and maxi skirts, too. Sighhhh we'll get around to actual fall fashion eventually?

Current Slang
I don't think I have anything I'm hung up on at the moment!

Current Drink
Coffee coffee coffee.

Current Food
Still beets + goat cheese. These (I add flax).

Current TV Show
Gilmore Girls re-watching for the 4th time (I'm about to start season 4). Also DWTS, and South Park. Oh I also flew through Fuller House season 3 last week.

Current App
Instagram. I've been sharing a lot more stories lately! Come join me!! I'm @jenn.rych over there.

Current Pastime
Blasting loooots of loud music. Sitting by the fire in the backyard. I haven't had time for much else lately (#toobusy)

Current Wish List
-these shoes
-this table runner, and probably these napkins (I got 2 accent pillows with linen buffalo check covers for fall & winter and I need matching things! I'd like a throw blanket, too. I'm obsessed with buffalo check right now...I love how it is perfect from September until spring!)
-this scarf (ha)
-the new MJ bathrobe (yep, stay tuned!)
-this mug

Current Needs
A money tree, to stay immune to germs for a hot minute, my house to organize itself.

Current Bane of My Existence
Meal planning, sore throats, lunch packing.

Current Quote
"Be who you needed when you were younger."

Current Picture

I love a good sky, and we've been getting some pretty damn good ones lately!

Current Blessing
Personal strength. Of all the things I've learned and gained over the past couple years, it's that. Owning my inner rebel. Being more of a yogi. Telling myself better stories. Noticing intuition.

Current Excitement
October, and everything that comes after it. It's the most exciting time of the year, isn't it?

Current Mood
Subdued excitement...if that makes any sense at all ;)

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  1. You have alot to do in this sep.Glad to see about your current moods and your current engagement with your favorite things.