Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Back To School Decor

I love decorating for the little (and the big!) things.

I feel like it helps set the tone for transition in a fun way, and I enjoy celebrating in these cute, easy, subtle ways.

When I took our patriotic summer decor down, I replaced it with some simple back to school decorations to last us until we're ready for Fall decor (which is coming up soooon!)

One of the things I always have fun decorating is my kitchen sink. I'd love to have a window over the sink, but since I don't, I dress it up instead. (I'll share my sink decorations for all the seasons eventually!) I usually get everything from Target's one spot and the dollar store, and since I've collected a lot of little pieces, it's fun to just get something little to add each season when I pull everything out and arrange it.

How cute is that chalkboard washi tape? I found it in the one spot at Target and added it to this little black flower pot I'd gotten there over the summer.

The ceramic crayons are also from the one spot, as is the flag (which was from a pack of 3 in July, and I thought fit the school theme pretty well, tool), and the apple lights draped over the top of the sink. The wooden + cork apple sign below is from there, too. The fake fruit is from Dollar Tree, and I re-purposed them from the Back To School photo shoot I did with Matilda Jane.

This banner is strung together flash cards - I found them in the classroom decor section of the one spot at Target and thought they'd work perfectly! My kids have loved talking about what is on each of the cards.

The chalkboard below was patiently waiting for first day back to school pictures!

I'd made a couple little banners out of Matilda Jane postcards for our Back To School photo shoot, and they were so cute I wanted to reuse them somehow. I hung them in the boys' bathroom (I know I won't get away with cutesy decor like this forever!) and wrote a little happy note on their chalkboard. I switch out the saying every now and then, and they always notice!

You can see those prints that are backward in the mirror on this post if you're interested - they're from Willowbee Expressions on Etsy. I love the little every day encouragement they add to the boys' bathroom.

So, silly to decorate for back to school? Maybe, but it was all super simple and easy, and I love the little details everywhere while we wait for Fall!

Do you decorate for BTS?

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