Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Solar Eclipse Day 2017

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that on Monday, we got to witness a solar eclipse here in the US. It was only a partial eclipse in Buffalo, but it was still a really cool experience, and we had a lot of fun celebrating the occasion.

First, I wanted to make sure the kids actually knew what this was all about, so I put on this video that explained it in a way that all of my kids could understand. Jake got a little bored with the phases of the eclipse at the end, but it helped them get the idea.

Don't mind the clothing rack - I'm in the middle of preparing for a consignment sale!

When that video ended, we replaced it with the song Solar Eclipses (I'll share it below) to listen to while we did some other Solar Eclipse activities. The boys first heard it on a video game and liked it so much, they talked their Dad into downloading it, so they were pretty excited to listen to it a few times.

First was a snack, which we made out of Gluten Free JoJo's (Trader Joe's Oreo equivalent). I put out a bunch of them, split the halves, and showed them how the sun and moon pass each other to create the eclipse. And then, of course, we devoured them. ;)

Since we were already at the table, we decided to draw some solar eclipse posters, and then we hung them on the ceiling. That was Luke's idea - he said since we're supposed to look up at the eclipse, that's where they should go!

We had lunch together, and then we went outside to witness the peak 20 minutes of the eclipse. It was so interesting out there - bright but shady, like the entire outdoors was under a filter, and the crickets and cicadas started making their usual nighttime sounds. It wasn't completely dark, here, but just dim enough to make it feel a little eerie. We all took turns with the 3 pair of eclipse glasses we had, and the kids loved seeing the shape of the sun change.


Also, I love that Facebook Messenger had eclipse filters! We had a lot of fun with the cat one!

When the peak of the eclipse was over, I had one last thing planned. I'd printed out worksheets for the boys to fill out (I found on The Mom Creative) and I helped them go through those. They fought me a little, claiming it was too much like school work, but I told them it was good practice for going back to school in two weeks! I also told them I wanted to keep them for the next one in 2024 to see how they've grown, and how the experience is different.

Don't laugh...but I finished celebrating by watching the Eclipse movie. I'd just re-read the book recently and wanted to watch the movie (it's been a long time since I've seen it), so I thought it was the perfect day to cross it off my list.

It was a fun day with my boys - making an otherwise ordinary Monday feel a little magical!

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