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Day In The Life: August

A Day In The Life, August 2017 #DITL |

My very first blogging experiences were on a site called Open Diary, that is no longer active. Documenting a "day in the life" was something that we all did from time to time, and those were some of my favorite posts - both to write and to read!

I had no idea that this was still a thing in the blogging community, until I stumbled on The Daily Dime link party. I'm going to play along (sort of)...meaning that I'll post many more than 10 pictures, because that is how we did it back in the OD days, but I plan to link up with this every month! It's so fun to see how everyone manages their day-to-day, but even more fun to look back on what you were up to in various seasons of life!

SO, here we go for my first back-to-it DITL!!


Waking up anytime around 7:30 is pretty typical for the Summer months around here. My kids don't yet understand the concept of sleeping in, and they all share a bedroom (their choice!) and they wake each other up with noise and excitement every.single.morning. I don't get up until they do in the summer - it's one of the great joys of this life - no alarms in July and August. ;)

I usually play around with my phone for a few - checking email and apps. Then I get up, make my bed, and open windows around the house. Then I go to the bathroom, brush my hair and my teeth, and give good morning hugs, hellos and kisses to all my littles. Jake usually has a pretty enthusiastic good morning for Galli - they're buddies!

Coffeeee. I'm so lucky in that my husband sets my coffee to brew every morning on his way out the door so I just have to stumble over to the pot and grab it. It's like his little I love you every day! With my cup full, I got everyone breakfast. We discovered in the grocery store yesterday that Cap'n Crunch is "mostly" gluten free (meaning it doesn't say it contains wheat, so it's likely only cross-contaminated at worst, which is okay for a treat.) So with this new discovery everyone was totally pumped to have a big bowl for breakfast. Even I joined in - I don't normally eat like this in the morning, but it was like a little summertime celebration!

With my remaining coffee, I sat down to read blogs for a bit.

My only plans for the day were to clean, work on consignment inventory, and do something summery with the boys, so I set out for the kitchen to get started. The first thing I did was wash fruit (just by soaking them in a big bowl of cold water + vinegar for 10 mins.)  I hadn't gotten around to it after shopping yesterday, and if I don't do it, the kids will just go in the fridge and eat it anyway, which makes me cringe!

While it soaked, I went downstairs to start a load of laundry, and brought up a bin of baby clothes ready to consign. Next, I put on my favorite podcast (I'm a couple weeks behind on it, which I actually don't mind so I can binge-listen!) and I emptied the dishwasher. I also cleaned up breakfast, cleared a few things off the counters, and rinsed the fruit and soaked some more.

I decided to clear the counters and wash them, wipe some spots off the cabinets I noticed, wash the back door, and wipe down the living room surfaces. We listened to music and paused chores for a dance party every few minutes. As each new song came on, I yelled to the kids, "thumbs!" and they'd all give me a thumbs up or down if they liked the song. Majority said whether we skipped it or listened to it. Here's a handful that passed muster...

The kids also played a bit of their own stuff through all of this...Jake jumped on the trampoline, and Henry built things with Magnatiles & Magformers.

When I cleared the counters, I noticed that I had some kale from our CSA that was starting to go bad. I went through and picked out everything that still looked pretty good and made some kale chips (which honestly, is the only way I like kale!) I like mine with sea salt & nutritional yeast. I also checked in with our dinner plans for the day to make sure I didn't have to defrost anything.

At this point, I was really feeling that sugary, no-real-substance breakfast, so I grabbed a glass of water and a handful of walnuts before switching the laundry over, and throwing in a bag of hand-me-downs I'd been hanging onto for back to school.

Then I swept the kitchen and dining room floor, and - you guys. My dog has been shedding SO BAD. I don't understand it. Is this really the time of year for them to be shedding their coat?? Shouldn't that happen at like, the start of the summer?? I have been sweeping + vacuuming every single day lately, and when I vacuum I have to stop and empty the canister 2-3 times!!! And we only have 1 carpeted room! It's insane. I took a picture to show you the insane pile I swept up after ONE DAY but it's too disgusting, lol

I took a basket of warm laundry to my bed to fold it and watch Harry Potter (7 Part 1, if you're curious!) I honestly don't mind laundry...sorting, washing, drying, even hanging and folding. But putting it away? OMG...looooathe. I can't explain why I hate putting it away so much. Folding is my favorite part, though...I always watch something fun, and I enjoy the process!

Time for lunch! Honesty time: I hate lunch. I hate the way it interrupts my day, and I never think to plan for it. I meal plan dinners all week, and make sure we have breakfast essentials on hand at all times, but lunch always seems to get forgotten! I often skip it, when it's just me at home, or when I can just feed Jake real quick and get back to whatever I'm working on. Bad, I know! When I force it, though, I usually eat pretty good at lunch.

Mine was beets (that I roasted the day before) with a little goat cheese on them, the kale chips I made that morning, and some pluots and raspberries. The boys had a half PB sandwich (on GF bread), chips, pluots & a couple GF cookies.

I ate mine while watching more Harry Potter, and then folded another load of laundry. The boys watched a new show they're crazy about...Parker Plays or something like that? I talked to my mom on the phone for like an hour, too, while I folded.

I checked in with the weather because I was waiting for a warmer part of the day to take the kids outside and play with water in some way. I also usually get them dressed around lunch time...I mean, if you're getting dressed before lunch on summer vacation, you'r doing it wrong. ;) JK, if we have plans of course we get ready sooner, but we had no where to be. I decided to play with water balloons with them, though, and figured it was silly to change them just to have to change again, so we went outside in pj's!

I love these buncha balloon waaaaay I'd sit there and tie all these balloons by hand! They battled for a bit, and played balloon toss. Eventually they ended up just tossing buckets of water on each other....boys!

I told them that they could each "buy" a freezy pop from me, and that my currency was a bucket full of popped water balloon pieces. I think they thought it was a contest because they all rushed around the yard like it was Easter, grabbing balloon pieces as fast as they could! haha And then I gave them each their prize.

I had them all stand in the kitchen and strip their soaked (and grass covered) jammies while I got them clothes to change into. I was getting a little hungry, too, and those GF cookies were calling my name hard! To avoid giving in, I decided to make a smoothie instead.

My little two love smoothies, too, and I knew it would keep them from driving me crazy over afternoon snacks. My favorite is made with almond milk and a little water, a handful of frozen cherries, a handful of spinach, a banana (if I have them, I usually do half fresh and half frozen because it makes the consistency perfect), lots of cocoa powder, some globs of PB, and a bunch of ice. They were all chilly from playing with water and their cold snacks, so they all got snuggly, and I decided to paint my nails and catch up on some Matilda Jane business.

My faaaav color right now!

When my nails were finally dry, I decided it was time to do some consignment entry. If you've never consigned before, this is the first step in tagging all your stuff. The system closes on Monday, so I've been doing a little bit each day. It's really kind of an enormous undertaking!

I entered for over an hour, and had to stop to make dinner. Tonight's plan was Gluten Free pizza with veggies. Our favorite is Bob's Red Mill. It's not at all typical texture-wise, but it turns out really good after it's cooked! If you ever make it, use plastic wrap to help smush it into your baking sheet - works like a charm!

The dough has to rise for 20 minutes after you mix it up, so I set it aside and then helped the boys clean up the living room. Then I vacuumed (SO. MUCH. DOG. HAIR.) I also loaded a few dishes into the dishwasher, picked out my clothes for yoga, and got my mat and water ready to go. Then I finished up dinner....I made the pizza and cut up veggies to go with it. Matt and I had peppers, fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes & pesto on our half. While it cooked, I took a shower.

After my shower, I got ready very quickly, and then ate dinner. PS - I know some people are like what, you shower before yoga? I get that a lot. I actually prefer to do it because it makes me feel so relaxed! Yoga isn't supposed to be a taxing, sweaty's peaceful and calming, and anything you can do to enhance that helps!

I left for yoga, and of course it was raining! I swear it rains every time I go to yoga now, I don't get it. It was still a warm evening, and super comfortable out, though. Class was SO GOOD. Sometimes she just nails it, and somehow gives me exactly what I need, and she totally did last night.

I got home from yoga to find Matt getting ready to shampoo the carpet. I talked to a friend for a few while I stayed out of his way, and then I helped him shampoo over a few stubborn spots and then get the kids to bed. I wasn't very tired, and I felt really good after my shower and yoga, so we got a little ice cream and watched SNL's summer weekend update show (so good.)

I got up to get ready for bed...washed my face, brushed my teeth, let Galli out and brushed her (omg the hair!). By the way, my little skincare bag (I keep makeup wipes and various spot treatment things in it) is a one-of-a-kind Gussy Sews that Maggie made me as a gift once!

Then I went back to bed and read for about an hour, before finally falling asleep around 11:15!

This is a day I would say I was killing it....this is not always typical, lol. Many days, the blogging, Matilda Jane stuff, or reading ends up taking over a lot of my housework productivity, and I also spend many-many summer mornings outside just reading. But I have had a lot to get done lately, so I had to keep my head down and keep moving all day!!

I can't wait to see how things change next month! I know I already said so, but I'm linking up with the Daily Dime, and I'd love to see your DITL posts, too!! xo

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  1. These are my very favorite types of posts! I would definitely say you were killing it! You guys had yummy food and some good summer fun, while still being productive!

    1. They're my favorite, too!! Summer can look a looot lazier than this some days (haha), but also busier! This was a good getting stuff done day, for sure!

  2. These are my favorite types of posts to read! So fun to peek into your day!